Alice in Slumber land (Page 2)

November 21, 2009
My head pulsed as i hit it on hard wall behind my limp body. I was sitting arched up against the fire place. i used to sit like this when my parents fought. My parents, they bickered more then just fighting. It all was a game to them i presume a game they lost horribly. Well at least that voice i heard was right about something, i could use this to MY advantage, and I could go wondering around.

Then I had it! I was going to adventure in my own brain, maybe find something that i lost. Maybe find all the small details that i missed. But where to start? I began to tumble to my feet. I clasped. Darn these weak legs of mine! I attempted to raise again this time i placed my back on the wall and edged my self up. I never knew it could be hard to stand. Well anyway, i Walked toward the kitchen, a small archway that connected to the empty dead livening room. It was just how i remembered it! The yellow walls, a smell of blue berry muffins baking and a faint whisper of the wind rushing though the garden out side. The table was turned over on its side, A sign of struggle, all the food that we originally had on the table awaiting break fest was set a mist. I began to tip toe through the mess on the floor.

Suddenly i heard a banging at the back door by the stove. Who the Hell can that EVEN be? The voice? I stepped forward placeing my left foot pointing at the door. Reaching, my hand curled around the door knob slowly turning its silver existence. I Yanked the door open, to find only a rabbit...

"What a relief." I said whipping the pool of sweat that formed on my forehead "What are you doing here little buddy"

"Ohh the Usual, Spreading the Lords wisdom" It Quaked. I was stunned a freaking TALKING RABBIT!! "Holy" s***! and he had a English accent. How can my day get better?

"You...You Can talk!" I summand outta my lungs after a huge silence

"Well of course i can, i'm not deprived of a voice like Margret Sue... okay well umm.." He paused to look down at the small note pad hanging from his finger tips. ".. Alice Darling, i Do Think you are suppose to come with me"

"You know my name!"

"Ohh heavens NO, its written here" he said showing me the pad. My name was the only one on there. "now hurry along, were late."

"Late for what, and how do you know im even coming with you."

"Well for starters were late for a VERY important date, and you are going to come with me because u would love to see every thing, and to Discover more about the umm Slumer land."

I nodded, every one here knows me oh so well to well maybe. I stepped out side.

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