Jack Heard a Noise

November 20, 2009
The ground shook when the mirror crashed to the floor. Jack sprung out of bed, thinking his house was being robbed. He grabbed his baseball bat and walked out into the darkness.

“Come out!” he demanded, “I’m not messing around, get out here now!” His eyes and ears scanned every inch of the house, but he saw nothing. Jack walked to the mirror in the hallway; looked for a reason it would have fallen, and hung the mirror back on the wall. He lay back in bed wondering, “There’s no reason for that mirror to have crashed,” Jack said to himself. Jack lay back in bed thinking, and finally he fell asleep.

Jack opened his eyes wearily to the sound of splashing water. He could hear his shower running. A chill raced up Jack’s spine, raising hairs as it went up. Jack silently got out of bed, grabbed his baseball bat, and walked toward the bathroom through the gloomily lit hallway; the only sound he could hear was the splashing of the water, and his heavy breath.

“What is happening.” he whispered, “What the hell is happening?” Jack said as he gripped the bat tighter. As the words left his mouth, the shower stopped running. The silence stopped Jack in his tracks like a bullet had hit him. The rings of the shower curtain slid violently across the metal bar, making a horrible metal scraping sound as they went.

Jack stood breathless. His mind screamed in absolute terror. Jack couldn’t move his mind was locked in fear. His bedroom door slammed behind him. Jack snapped out of his paralyzed state, dropped the bat and ran into his office locking the door behind him.

Moonlight dimly lit sections of the house as Jacks eyes blared through the glass windows of the room. “What is this?” Jack whispered to himself, sweat running down his forehead. The house groaned with age as the old wood creaked. The dark narrow hallway seemed to stretch forever as Jack stared out his office window. Every sound Jack heard thundered in his ears. A shadow slowly crept along the windowpanes of the office making Jack’s heart beat race. As Jack stared at the seemingly shapeless figure, his bat smashed through the window of the office like it had been shot out of a cannon. Jack collapsed under his desk and shut his eyes covering his mouth to try not to scream.

The house grew silent, as if the wind outside had just decided to stop. “Jack…” a voice neither male nor female, whispered. Jack felt the room grow cold so suddenly it made him shiver. Jack felt sick to his stomach, as if he had just taken a punch from a boxer. Shadows danced along his office wall in a merry go round of terror. The room grew colder; lights flickered off and on until the light bulbs in the room shattered. And instantly it all stopped.

Jack could see his breath escape his mouth in the frigid room, however the cold didn’t affect him in his state of panic. The footsteps Jack heard coming from behind the desk were deafening in the complete silence of the house. Jack kept his eyes closed not daring to open them. “Jack?” the comforting sound of his mother’s voice entered his ears. Jack smiled and slowly opened his eyes. “Mommy loves you Jackie boy.” the thing said. Jack screamed at what he saw.

Jack sprung up in bed screaming. “Oh, god.” he whispered, “Just a dream.” Jack lay back down smiling at the idea of a ghost. Jacks eyes then shot open at the sound of glass shattering.

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MDunson said...
Nov. 29, 2010 at 2:21 am
Thanks for the comment! But there's no connection i just like using the name Jack i suppose haha.
alchive This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Feb. 15, 2010 at 11:45 am
very descriptive- kept me enthralled to the end. is this a continuation of your other story?
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