Nightmare on Dream Street

November 20, 2009
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I try to stay awake, in fear of having to return to that god forsaken place once more, but its no use. It's as if my eyes are sewn with stitches among stitches until they are securely in place. The sudden blast of booming thunder catches me by surprise, and I let out a mild shriek. I frantically examine my surroundings, but see nothing other than white. White everywhere: left, right, up, down, like someone took an enormous eraser to the world. The room starts to grow darker and darker, fading from white to black in the blink of an eye, and I start feeling an intense pulling sensation dragging me further and further into the darkness. I try to escape, but whatever is pulling me tightens its grip, leaving me in somewhat of a trance, and I find myself unable to resist any longer. Suddenly, I find myself soaring towards what most would call "a big black hole," only in this twisted fantasy, it's not black. It looks like someone stuck a pencil in the middle of a rainbow and twisted until it looked like one of those abnormally large lollipops. It doesn't seem scary at all, actually, it is a huge comfort to see color for the first time in what seems like hours. Before i know it, I am inside the rainbow, and i am spinning, faster and faster every second, until finally it's hypnotic powers start taking a toll on me.
A sudden brightness emerges, making me feel as if someone has just snapped the flash of a camera in my face. For a split second, I see nothing but blue and when I blink, tons of miniature red polka dots appear, almost like when you stare at the sun for long periods of time. My vision finally recovers and I'm shocked to find myself, all alone, in the middle of the woods, with nothing but the clothes on my back. The only trace of light for miles is the slight twinkle of the stars shining through the canopies of redwoods surrounding me, and though I cannot see it, there is an eerie stillness in the night that gives me reason to suspect the presence of a full moon.
After examining everything within a reserved distance, I brace myself and begin to cautiously wander my way around the unknown territory, terrified of what may be lurking within. The fog is so thick that I can barely see my hand, which is no more than five inches in front of my face. I think its safe to say that my anxiety levels are exploding quicker than a thermometer being held over an open flame. Someone is watching me, I can't see them, but I know they are there, and the harsh blowing of the wind makes it feel as if someone is breathing down my neck. "Who's There!?" I shout, trembling. No answer. "Hello!? I know somebody is there!" Again, no answer. Tears are streaming down my face, and I'm practically ripping my hair from my scalp. Someone is running after me. I can hear the crinkling of the leaves beneath their feet. I spin a full 360 degrees, looking frantically for what is headed towards me. Stop. Suddenly, I'm face to face with a massive black shadow, much to big to be a human. I do not know what it is, but what i do know is that it has the most heart-wrenching growl I have ever heard. I close my eyes, and scream so loud I'm afraid my voice box might explode. I peek my eyes open, just in time to see that hideous beast pounce at me. Any hope I have in a happy ending vanishes, as I continue my incessant screaming. Everything from the first clap of thunder until now plays back in my head like a VHS on rewind, and boom! An unnaturally bright flash of light engulfs me, and suddenly, I wake up, trembling. I'm in a severe cold sweat, and I'm near hyperventillation, but finally I'm back in reality.

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