the kiddnapping of Samantha Brown

October 28, 2009
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Sixteen year old Ashley has it all, popular at school, 4.0 GPA, and she is president of her

junior class, captain of the volley ball team and she ranks number two in her class. Ashley

has never had a problem with fitting in because everyone loved her. She was flawless

and every guy at school wanted her, she had been asked to the schools homecoming by

four different guys in one week. Amazingly she choose to decline every offer. The guys

knew they had no chance but they took their chances anyway. “I just want to go to

homecoming alone with friends, that way I know I will have a good time. Homecoming is

less then three weeks away and I still have not found the perfect dress.” That same day

Ashley asked her mother to drop her off to thee nearest mall to meet up with some

friends. Once Ashley reached the mall she did not see her friends no where in site. She

assured her mother that she would be ok, her friends might just be inside the mall. Her

mother said ok and told her to call once she found them. Ashley begin making her way

inside the mall when she was approached by three men all dressed in black, she could not

see their faces. The three men escorted Ashley to a white cream four door Cadillac

escalade, they told her if she made a sound that she would never see her family and

friends again. Once they reached the truck they throw Ashley and the back and the driver

drove off. “I’m frantic and screaming hysterically, I know I can’t be heard.” one of the

guys orders another to shut her up, he follows orders. The men pulls out what seems to be

a needle from his pocket, puts about 20ml of a heavy drug into the needle. “after I seen

what he was doing I begin pulling at the doors trying to get out.” the man grabbed

Ashley’s arm and injected the drug into her arm. “I can feel myself becoming helpless and

I drift off into a deep heavy sleep. I awake six hours later to find myself in a dark room,

with no windows, and I was chained to a chair with my hands and feet tide together.” All

of a sudden a T.V. turns on across from Ashley and she is startled for a minute. Ashley

see’s herself all over the T.V. screen. “a world wide search is still going on for sixteen

year Ashley Sullivan, is what I heard coming from the T.V. screen. All I could do was cry

I just knew that I will not make it out of here alive”.

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