All Alone

November 19, 2009
By aripoetry95 SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
aripoetry95 SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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The last woman on Earth sat alone in a room. She clutched her swollen belly while she leaned against the cold brick wall and silently cried. Her long dark hair was matted and tangled from long nights lying awake on the dirty and hard floor. She wore a filthy oversized T-Shirt and pink shorts with teddy bears all over them. The T-shirt had a large hole in the left shoulder and the thread from the left pant leg of her shorts was unraveling. The girl’s big brown eyes were filled with sorrow and dried tear tracks showed on her dirty cheeks. She gasped in pain when she felt her baby kick once more. The silence was still unsettling, although she had been alone in this room for more than a month. The only sound was the occasional rumble of her empty stomach. She could feel herself getting weaker as her baby slowly used up her last bits of energy.

Distracting her from her thoughts, a rapid knock on the door made her eyes widen in fear. She could hear a hoarse voice whisper,”Please, someone please be here… please,” and then a groan while whoever it was began to bang on the door more loudly, “PLEASE! Someone help me!” She hesitated, this had never happened before. She didn’t know what to do; maybe she was hallucinating, finally turning insane from starvation. She struggled to stand up, while her heavy feet made a thud in the quiet room as she walked to the door. She reached the door and peeked through the hole that was just above the door knob. It was pitch black, electricity had stopped ages ago, and all she could see was the vague outline of trees. A huge lump lay right outside the door. She slowly reached for the door knob and opened the door inch by inch. With every gust of fresh air that swirled into the room, the girl seemed to shrink and her grip on her belly tightened. She realized the lump in front of the door was actually a man, crumpled up in a ball on the ground. The girl didn’t know what to do; she stood there looking down upon him when she noticed the blood- red spot on his shoulder. At that moment the man moaned, she bent down and outstretched her hand to place it on his back. She helped him inside the room and quickly locked the closed door behind them.
He had managed to prop himself up against the wall, and she could see the blood that had dripped all the way down the front of his shirt. He had piercing blue- gray eyes that you could see in the dark and hair that looked brown. He had an athletic build and was probably about six feet tall. They seemed to be the same age, around seventeen or eighteen. It took her a moment, but finally recognition showed in her eyes. She rushed to him with wobbly knees, and grabbed him by the face with tears of joy as she said, “Michael, oh thank God! It’s you, really you, you came back!”

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