Crime in Milwaukee

November 25, 2009
By chief SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
chief SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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A clown car has just been firebombed. It is the year 2099, and crimes are skyrocketing in the city of Milwaukee for no apparent reason. Few scientists have linked the crimes to a chemical imbalance in the human brain due to a toxin released from Mars into Earth’s atmosphere. The people affected are referred to as crazies. It is up to only one clandestine scientist, Bruno Sardine, to find a cure despite being an inane task.
Crazies are fighting each other in the streets like rampant tigers fighting over prey. Others are running around flagrantly through the city; stealing, smashing windows, loitering and littering! Crazies are unable to concur with authorities; the law is powerless during the time. The culprits own the city as of now. The citizens unaffected from the toxin are admonished to leave their homes and have to survive with scarce supplies.
Deep in his underground laboratory, Sardine struggles to figure out a cure. He managed to attain a perfect specimen for examination. Since the problem occurs in the brain, he has to draw a brain sample. Now he needs electrical analyzers to finish the analysis and create a gas cure known as Karma. He grabs the brain sample. There is a local hospital down the street but there is duress in the journey.
Despite his ethics, he is going to fight through the narrow street, even if that means death… Running along the dimly-lit street, sticking to every giant oak tree for cover, he is almost to the Milwaukee Municipal Hospital. There is an inexorable amount of crazies along the street though. He manages to steal and hot-wire a Hummer and ends up driving through all of them. The crazies let him drive on through. He finds all the analyzers to finish his research. But when he leaves the hospital he sees someone has blown up his Hummer with an RPG. With the brain sample in hand, he must finish his research in the hospital and administer it to one of the crazies. He figures out the cure, grabs a crazy releases the gas in its face. The results are shaky at first but then are successful.

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