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November 18, 2009
By grnlver114 PLATINUM, Seal Beach, California
grnlver114 PLATINUM, Seal Beach, California
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Investigator’s Log

Before you read farther, I will warn you that this book is not for the fainthearted. The events in this book ACTUALLY OCCURRED! there’s some pretty scary stuff in here. Make sure you can handle it before you continue. Take a moment and figure out if you really want to get the crap scared out of you.

If you’re still reading this, congratulations! You’re not a wuss. Still don’t say I didn’t warn you. But you might not have an idea what the theme of this book is even though there’s a freaking picture on the front cover and a summary on the back. I know you’re looking at it now. Idiot. That’s right Sherlock, this book is about GHOSTS!(insert gasp and scary thunder) And you want to know a little secret? They’re real. I should know, I’ve seen plenty of them. But don’t start hyperventilating like the little scardy-cat you are yet. They wont hurt you, well at least most of them wont. If you look around your room or classroom or wherever you are, you can see at least one. No I’m not talking about the prehistoric dinosaur that is your history teacher. Look at the window. Do you see a kind of translucent face that’s kind of creepy looking there? Does it seem familiar? No it is not your grandmother or whoever died some odd amount of years ago. Its you, stupid! Haha! Now I’ve had my laugh, lets get back to the book.

For centuries, people have believed in ghosts. That is until now. Now MTV and Abercrombie & Fitch are brainwashing people to believe that GHOSTS DON’T EXIST! As if! Retards, the bunch of ‘em. Thankfully some Mediators and Paranormal Investigators have made their way into Hollywood. Look at Steven Speilburg. No one without Some insight on ghosts could create movies that realistic. And I also know for a fact that Mr. Speilburg is a mediator. He showed up at one of the mediator meetings that my history teacher( and fellow mediator, yeah its real) started when she met me. He told us his movies are his way of trying to get the “normal” part of the population that ghosts are real. that’s why in the beginning of his movies, they always say “based on a true story.” Get the picture, people?! No you don’t, and you never do. A ghost could be sitting on your lap French-kissing you and you’d be completely oblivious. And you want to know why its only “based” on a true story? Cause the freaking producers of the movie feel the need to hide the fact that ghosts could rip your head off, from the general public! Sorry, I have a bit of a temper and that’s sort of a sore spot. But im cool now.

By now you’re probably wondering who’s the freak who keeps yelling at you, is. We’ll get to me in a little while. Right now I’m going to tell you about PRS. What is the PRS? It is the Paranormal Investigators’ Society. I know, it sounds cool, right? I made it up. But if you think it’s a big white building where people walk around in white lab coats and perform experiments in a controlled enviroment, boy you are dead wrong. PRS is a group of seven, excuse me, six and a half teenagers. No, no one is pregnant./ the half is my brother Chris(who I consider half human, half alien but we’ll get into my theory later.0 we’re talking about PRS right now. Don’t get my sidetracked.

The history of PRS is far from peaceful. It started when two different paranormal clubs: Paranormal Investigators’ Society and Researchers of Paranormal Incidents developed a deep hatred for each other. No one exactly knows why we hated each other but I suspected some fooling around between one of the leaders and the other leader’s girlfriend. The war started with an aurgument, and it was a loud one, and ended with several casualties(a game system, seven mailboxes, and a broken pinky), some blood(okay it was fake but still), and finally a peace treaty. The two different groups joined together to form PRS but as luck would have it, it wasn’t until the end of the school year that peace was established. Most of the members were graduating. The leaders put my brother and me in charge. don’t ask why they did such a stupid thing, I didn’t know and still don’t. all I knew at the time was that I was in charge of four other people that would have to listen to my brother and me fight. All I had to say to them was sorry for my language and good luck.

But surprisingly things worked out well. My brother and I made a great team, even though we did argue but not as much as I thought we would. We even found another investigator to join our group. But that was out of desperation. We needed seven people to do an investigation easily and since we lacked one, that spot was filled by my brother’s current girlfriend. They didn’t even help much; all they did was squeal and hold on tightly to my brother. He seemed to enjoy it but after three different girls who acted exactly the same, we were all fed up. So when Andrea Carlson, a new girl, asked if she could join we leaped at the chance. I figured it was just luck that brought us Andrea or maybe the Powers that be were repaying us for dealing with all the crap my brother’s girlfriends’ gave us.

With Andrea, we managed to finish a complete investigation properly, which put us on the map. That was at the beginning of the year and since then we have done exactly fifty-six complete investigations. I know, its crazy right?

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