Night of a Carving

November 15, 2009
By , Lake Oswego, OR
Dear Diary,

The moon glare cast milky-white light on the trees, their big green floppy leaves bending down towards the sand, as if in prayer. A soft light brightened the bodies on the ground, covered in red ribbon. I dragged my feet across the soft, warm sand as I pulled myself to see what had happened. As I drew closer I could make out the slim faces of children. Small black circles covered their eyes, and their lips had become one, connected with thread. The small locks growing from their heads were now gone…and there is only one thing that resembled their new faces. I turned away in horror and the moonlight flashed in my eyes. The once serene place where I used to live had turned into a death trap, and nobody knew how to stop this crazed killer. Thoughts scurried through my head, and I turned around and started running. My fee patted on the ground, one after the other. Wet sand squished between my toes. There has to be someone left on this island that I can talk to, I thought. In the distance I could hear my mother’s voice screaming at me, telling me to find shelter and hide. I thought that my mom had come back. I thought maybe she cared about me now. I thought that, somehow, she forgave me. My stomach danced with butterflies. I continued running until I saw a small black figure walking towards me. That moment, I felt safe. She was back! But as the figure got closer and closer, I knew it was no human. The clouds started singing their phantom songs and the darkness danced at every corner. Something was catching up with me and I knew my time was short. I kneeled on the ground and spoke my final words.

“Dear mother, I’m so sorry for what I did.” I jumped up, turned around and started running. I have to go now. He’s coming. I’ll write soon.


“That’s it, sir. Nothing else was in the journal. We checked all of the belongings in the bag. All of the pages have been ripped out except this one.” Said the one man that had survived

“So you never saw this young girl? You don’t know who she is?” asked the investigator

“No. I have never heard of her. Nobody by the name of Tracy Parker lived there. But something about this letter is…different. She describes the place so thoroughly. If she died, she wouldn’t even have time to write this. So, I am guessing she has to be somewhere; somewhere where she could take this time.” Said the man

He was a great deal of help in this crime. Though, his wife just sat there every day for hours on end, staring blankly into nothingness, repeating the same words “subject 9, monkey 87.” She couldn’t even choke up a few words to tell what that meant, but the investigators soon found out.

“Officer Lee step over here please. I think I found something.” Said the investigator
“What is that?” Replied Officer Lee
There, sat a torn arm of a stuffed animal. Its stuffing lead a trail deep into the woods. The detectives followed it slowly; making sure nobody was around them, watching. Minutes passed and they came to a cave. Inside it was dark as a burnt marshmallow, and as cold as an Alaskan Winter. Flashlights were pulled out of their belts, and in they went, and whether they came back was a mystery to all. Rain drops fell upon their heads. They stepped in brown puddles, and they felt the rocky walls, but they also heard giggling. They heard giggling of a small girl. Then, they saw a light; a bright, yellow light. The two men proceeded, until they saw a room full of islanders. Not only were they all similar, they all were tortured…the same way. Their lips were sewn together, and their eyes had become black holes. But, there was one child in the back, tipped over so her head met her knees. Officer Lee motioned the other investigator to follow him, and over they went. Scratched on this girls’ back in a sketchy handwriting were the faint words: subject 9, monkey 87. Underneath her lay a small damp piece of paper with ten words on it: Dear mom, I am so sorry for killing baby sister.

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Inkspired said...
Dec. 14, 2009 at 6:23 pm
This was interesting......gave me goosebumps too. kind of confusing... but really well written and a really good idea!!
Riotwriter said...
Dec. 12, 2009 at 6:31 pm
very good. i love how you described the island in the first paragraph! :)
Cleo said...
Dec. 10, 2009 at 3:32 pm
this story gave me goosebumps.
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