School Class Nightmare

October 28, 2009
By (:Abby:) SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
(:Abby:) SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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It was a bright sunny day at Bellview Elementary School. The students had just walked into the classroom. Ms. Cappler had them all sit down. Ms. Cappler was the best teacher the kids had ever had. She was sweet, considerate, and really knew how to connect with the kids.

It was the Friday before Halloween. The kids were so excited for it and, for their Halloween party. “Now class, it’s time for everyone to change into their costumes.” said Ms. Cappler.
“Oh, everyone is gonna love my costume the most.” shouted Jenny.
“Yeah right!” Ben argued. “My costume is the best.”
So the students went to the bathroom to change into all of their wonderful costumes. “Ahh, everyone looks so cute,” said Ms Cappler. “Except for maybe you Johnny, who was in a skeleton costume. You’re scaring me.” They all laughed, even Johnny.
Everyone drank punch and ate lots of treats. “Time to clean up!” shouted Ms Cappler. “The bell is about to ring.” The students rushed to their things and scrambled to the door. The loud ringing of the bell interrupted the kids’ havoc. “Have a good Halloween everyone.” smiled Ms. Cappler.

It was Monday morning on a very cloudy and rainy day. A big storm was about to hit. Ms. Cappler’s students walked into the door talking about their Halloween fun and who got the most candy. A substitute teacher was sitting at Ms. Cappler’s desk. “Oh great a sub.” complained Joey. This sub had long silver hair and was cloaked in all black. She had a face of white snow. “Wow she doesn’t look very happy.” assumed Jane.
“Quiet children!” yelled the sub. “My name is Mrs. Alucard and I will be your new teacher.” Whispers flooded the room. “I said BE QUIET!”
“Oh no, this is just great.” Jane whispered to Ashley.
“Jane quit your snickering and turn around.” Mrs. Alucard said.
“How does she know my name?” Jane asked aloud.
“I know all of your names from the beginning of the year,” Mrs. Alucard replied. Everyone’s mouth dropped and their faces went white with shock.
“What is she talking about?” whispered Johnny.
“I think she may be a little crazy in the head.” whispered Ben in reply.
“Where’s Ms. Cappler?” asked Jenny.
“Well… umm… Ms. Cappler had a bit of an… umm… accident,” replied Mrs. Alucard.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” shouted Ben.
“Be quiet!” yelled Mrs. Alucard. “Today you will read pages 16-76 and answer problems 3-56 ALL. I expect all answers to be in RACED form.”
“Oh my gosh,” whispered the class together.
“There will be no talking until the bell rings. That assignment is due before class ends,” ordered Mrs. Alucard.
As the days dragged on and minutes began to feel like hours the students started to realize something strange about Mrs. Alucard. They thought it was a little weird that she knew everyone’s name the first day. They also wondered why she wore black all the time and never went outside. The students also asked how one person could ever get so mean. “Maybe she’s a vampire,” Ben joked as they were at recess. Everyone laughed.
“Well what else could she be?” asked Jane.
“Maybe she’s a ghost!” said Johnny.
“Or a werewolf.” shouted Joey.
“Nahhhh.” everyone agreed.

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and everyone was excited for their four day weekend. “I hope no one plans on going out for the weekend because you children will be jam packed with homework!” laughed Mrs. Alucard. “Awhhh,” complained the class. They had just about had enough with that teacher. “Wow, so much for our four day weekend,” said Ben to Jenny as they walked out the door.

The weather was starting to clear up after a hard storm. You could just see the sun coming out of the clouds. Monday morning came again for the students. As they walked through the door with their heads down and a frown on their face, they saw Ms. Cappler! “Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?” shouted the class.
“I’m back to stay for good.” smiled Ms. Cappler. “Oh were so happy to see you!” shouted Johnny with excitement.
“Forget about all that homework Mrs. Alucard gave you. Go ahead and throw it all away.” said Ms. Cappler.
As Jenny happily looked at Ms. Cappler she noticed a strand of silver in her blonde, curly hair. Many horrible memories flashed through Jenny’s head. “It all makes sense now!” thought Jenny. “Ms. Cappler must have been transformed into an ugly vampire on Halloween night and then turned back into the beautiful Ms. Cappler on Thanksgiving.
“I’ve figured it out!” shouted Jenny.
“Yes Jenny?” asked Ms. Cappler.
“Oh nothing.” replied Jenny.

So the kids were so happy and thankful that Ms. Cappler was back for good. All was well at Bellview Elementary school… until next year.

The End

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