The Runner

October 28, 2009
By Andyjtoth BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
Andyjtoth BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
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“Pass the popcorn” said Linda. A big heap of steaming hot buttery corn come tumbling over as Kevin tosses it. It was there first date. It’s April 10th 1981, and it’s the screening of the horror movie “The Howling”. Kevin was obsessed with the story written by Gary Brandner. Kevin was a writer, an enthusiast, and in his senior year of college. He never was a very outgoing guy. He was just “that guy”. He was long haired, talented, musician, hippie. Now Linda on the other hand, she was loud obnoxious, but lovable. She went to Westminster, he went to Towson. She was 19 he was 22. It was love at first sight.

The movie was finally over, 91 minutes of intense horror. They leave the theatre, Kevin trembling with fear, and Linda laughing at him. “You’re such a baby Kevin!” laughed Linda. Kevin barely saying “Whatever babe, im a softie can’t yah see that?” Linda’s laughter echoes throughout the empty parking garage. It’s just another thing that freaks Kevin out. They get into the pristine blue 78 corolla coupe, and the car starts. They didn’t have trouble this time. “Stupid Toyotas” said Kevin, “One minute there decent the next there crap.” There car heads out the mysterious empty garage.

As the Allman Brothers are playing on the A track player, they start heading down the highway to Linda’s mom’s house at the Farm Museum. Singing along and having an awesome time. As Kevin was driving he saw something ahead in the horizon of the darkness. “Linda what is that?” Kevin said nervously. “I have no clue” said Linda in the passenger seat not worrying. Kevin starts laying down the horn, “What the did you do that for?” screamed Linda. “I was trying to scare it out of the road!” Outside of the car the mysterious creature just sits in the road waiting.

Coming up fast, the car speeds by the thing in the road. And suddenly Linda looks in the rear view window, and sees the creature chasing after the car. Kevin speeds up and tries to lose it. The poor corolla can barely make it up to 90 miles per hour.

“Go faster” yelled Linda, “I’m trying; I’m trying” Kevin said frantically “This piece can barely make it!” Finally they make it to the farm museum where Linda’s mother lived. They sped through the gates, peeling there tires against the wet blacktop. They charge into the house screaming, trying to explain, but out of breath and terrified. Linda’s mother believed nothing they said, she blew it off like it was nothing. Kevin ended up just staying the night, due to his extreme terror.

Early in the morning Linda wakes up for a cup of coffee. She turns on the local news. “Breaking news, around 2:30 in the morning on 97, there was a serious accident involving a young couple on the way back from Eldersburg. The brakes in the car seem to be torn out, and there are scratch marks all over the back bumper of the car. We have no clue, or evidence of what happened.”

To Be Continued…

The author's comments:
This piece is about a young couple going on a date, and they encounter a mysterious creature. In the end theres a twist. It is a short story

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