142 Oak Ave.

October 28, 2009
By Calvin Turner BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
Calvin Turner BRONZE, Westminster, Maryland
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They bought the house with big dreams of fixing it up. Drew and Stacey had steady income jobs that brought much value to the house. They dreamed of starting their own family with kids, buying a dog and pretty much living the American dream.

The house on Oak Avenue needed many things as far as looks and cleanliness. It needed new siding, wood floors, and appliances. They bought it from a bank that had foreclosed it and they took this as an opportunity to buy a house for cheap. Sure it wasn’t pretty but it was theirs. It was all theirs and they were proud of it! As time went by, fixing things came to a close and it was looking more and more like a house. It came to shape less than a year from buying it and with out a doubt it looked good. It was a expensive fixer-upper but in the end it was worth it and the young couple had fun while fixing it.

All that was missing was the appliances and carpet and the house was ready for a family to start growing within it. All was going so smooth; everything seemed to be going by the book. Stacey seemed always to be sneezing in the house though. They thought it was just the dust from the old house and once it was cleaned all would be good.

Approximately one year from signing the mortgage, the house was all fixed up and they were ready to move out into their own house. They bought a puppy and were living the American dream minus the children and white picket fence.

One night drew was in the kitchen and as he glanced in the refrigerator, the mug on the table just fell. He didn’t think much of it, just that he had to clean up the mess. He was home alone, no Stacey, no puppy since that was with her.. He began to get a little creeped out after he thought he heard little whispers. He called his wife in distress about the situation.
“Stacey, where are you? I want you to get home as soon as you can.” His wife wondered what was wrong.
“What’s wrong with you, what’s going on?” He told her what had just happened.
“I think your acting like a baby, come on. I’m running errands and can’t get home just now.” His husband was upset and tried getting his mind off of it all and turned his music loud. As he was going upstairs, the music slowly stopped. He cried like a little baby at this point, and he had great reason to. They planted the house over top of a grave yard of a civil war. Everyone that moves into this house gets bombarded by these souls that just want to rest. Drew and Stacey didn’t know this however, and the poor young couple we stuck figuring out what was going on.

Joey got his video camera and set it up in from of his radio. As soon as the music started he recorded. He walked up to his room and the music kept playing. It was only until he was in his room for about 10 minutes he heard a crash. It was his $800 video camera. All of the sudden the music stopped also. By this point Drew wanted to leave…to get the hell out of his dream house. He grabbed the keys, hopped into his Mercedes and peeled out. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw the garage door closing even though he didn’t push the button to close it. He was in tears, not knowing where to go, what to do. His wife is going to think he is the biggest girl in the world and she can’t leave him home alone.

What he witnessed was real and explaining it to his wife is impossible. She doesn’t believe what’s going on and orders them and the dog to go back in the house. He refuses until he is tired of arguing.
“I married a man Drew. Not the man I’m looking at right now though…”
He was upset by this and stormed in the house and yelled. His wife went into the bed room and began getting ready for bed. Drew brought his camera into the room after a slight crack in the lens but its okay. He set it on a tripod and waited for bed.

They sat in bed both frustrated and stressed. Eventually they fell asleep but not for long. There was a loud bang that both woke them up including the dog. The dog started barking and ran downstairs to see what happened. Quickly following was Drew. All of the sudden the dog cried and went upstairs. Drew saw a bag of flour on the floor split open and looked like a murder scene except not blood.

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I can’t stand it!” cried out Drew.
The young couple left the house in a big hurry, with the dog. Drew was having a panic attack and could not focus. This time the garage dog would not open. What ever it was, didn’t want them to leave this time. Drew, in the midst of his panic attack, started his seventy-thousand dollar car and waited. The door wasn’t opening, despite many attempts from the remote control. He got out and hit the panel on the wall that opens it, still no response. He was really loosing it at this point.

“Close your eyes Stacey.” Drew said in despair. He slammed his car into reverse plowing into the door.
“Are you nuts!? How will we fix this?” Stacey screamed, with the dog crying in the background.
“It doesn’t matter, as long as we get away from this house!” Drew argued.
The back end of the Mercedes was torn off with a gash across the roof. The scared couple headed to their parents, in great embarrassment, however they know what they saw. When they tried explaining to Drew’s parents, they got the same reaction Stacey first gave Drew.
“Come on Drew, it’s obviously not a ghost or anything stupid like that.” Said Drew’s mother.
“Mom I can show you the video camera!”
“The video camera….” Said drew.

Drew left his house in such a hurry, he left his camera running and forgot to even check how the radio was turning off once he left.
“I’ve gotta get back and get that camera.” Explained Drew.
“Tomorrow morning.” Stacey said.
They decided to stay at Drew’s parents’ house for the night, get some sleep, and go to the house tomorrow.

As the war-lost Mercedes pulled up into the driveway, a neighbor came over to ask a couple of questions.
“Is everything okay? Heard a loud bang and figured I’d look out the window.” Said a concerned middle aged man.
“Saw your car leave with all ya’ll in it and figured all ya’ll were gone. But lights kept turning on and off. Was afraid a burglar came in or somethin.”

The feelings in the young couple’s stomach were indescribable. To say the least, they were scared and upset.
“Thanks, we’ll go look inside.” Stacey said.
Drew found the camera and left back to the parent’s house. On the camera they didn’t see anything turn the stereo off. However, when they keep rolling the tape, they heard/saw things that weren’t in the ordinary. They heard a loud noise, like if you were to stick a microphone in someone’s lungs. A loud, blowing noise. They saw the bag of flour fall from the shelf, and clearly aim for the dog. The bag hit the dog, knocking the dog to the ground.
“That’s why she was crying!” said Drew.
They heard a whirling noise, and it was saying something. They couldn’t clearly hear it. Drew and Stacey tried spending the night again in the house, and nothing happened. It was awkwardly silent and peaceful. Had they left?

A year later and nothing happened. The young couple was left stunned but relieved from the spirit that haunted them that one night on 142 Oak Avenue.

The author's comments:
After seeing the movie paranormal activity, I was inspired to write a horror story almost based off the same idea. I added more detail, and made it more interesting to my listeners.

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