Halloween Horror

November 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Halloween; supposedly the scariest time of the year if you're an alien freak or a goofy fun-loving 7th grader. The Halloween of 2008 was the scariest, most heart-stopping holiday for the students of WEMS, particularly the 7th graders of Mrs. Milan's 1st period. 4 of them had the hardest time of all, overcoming odds only to alter the course of their life forever. This is our story:

It was the biggest Halloween party ever to be held on the Tiger team, with creepy music playing faintly and colorful decorations fluttering about from the ceiling. I was busy with a slice of thick pizza when the door burst open, and in stumbled Will Jenkins and Blake Pillow, each toting a half-dulled pencil. "Sorry, couldn't find a pencil." The Launguage Arts Teacher was out because her little girl had the flu, so the class was governed by an ignoratnt sub, a young man, who didn't care what the students did, as long as they didn't let themselves get out of hand, which by this time, it was past that point. Their antics, however, went unnoticed by the other Tiger teachers, whom were wrapped up in the mishaps within their own classrooms.

Blake sidled through the desks until he reached his, slid his dark-skinned figure in, and sat. Will also dropped his large frame into his chair, nearly cracking the navy plastic seat in his enthusiasum. He had short, curly brown hair, and his blue eyes burned a tremor of apprehension through you when he got angry. "Teachers pet" Chelsea had once descibed him as "husky" in front of the class, and he gave her the 2nd nastiest glare he could make, even though it was true. (I get the first nastiest, for reasons you should ask him about.) Will then announced,"Hey everybody, guess what I'm gonna dress up as for Halloween?" He got an immediate answer form Wade, also dubbed as "alien boy" for his profound interest in UFO's, unknown planets, and the sort. He had light brown buzzed hair, and his brown-rimmed glasses disproved him to be somewhat brighter than he actually was. He shrieked, "Your face!" in between erupting tumbles of giggles. Will stood up angrliy, towering a staggering 6 inches over Wade, and exclaimed angrily, "Shut up alien boy! That wasn't even funny!" Wade was about to fall out of his chair with his warped sense of humor, lost in hysteric abandon. The class snickered. Will turned deep red with pent up fury, and blew. He swung his fist out. But he never reached his target, because the lights flickered and died within the fractions of a few seconds.

It seemed as though the whole school was out, because the students heard muffled shrieks and screams throughout the building. No light came from the hallway or from the glass door at the end of it; it was 10 am, with steady rains forcasted to last all day. The sub stood up and muttered gruffly, "I guess I'd better go check the goings-on." He slowly found his way to the door, then poked his head out. He was immediately yanked into the hall way by an unseen force, then all that was heard was a muffled dragging sound, accompanied by a near-silent groan, as the door slammed shut, while simultaneously the dragging sound faded distinctly in the distant hallway. "Well, what now?" Blake was oblivious to the fact that the only thing to do when you're sitting trapped in a panic-stricken room of fellow students in the dark is to wait. We did just that, until Will, who often fiddled with his pencil at the most inconvenient times of the day, dropped it, and it rolled where he couldn't reach it.

He flailed his arms toward the pencil angrily, but momentarily ceased as the class shushed him hurriedly. A dark silhouette filled the tiny window of the door, a raspy breathing sound came from the hallway. Brandon Walker began to tremble. "D-Darth Vader?" he whimpered. Will snapped back from listening," I've gotta get my pencil, its the only one I could find!" "What are you gonna need it for?!" I whispered exasperatively. He looked at me, and although I could hardly make out his cold, burning glare in the darkness, what I could see burned through me like liquid nitrogen. "Kayla, shut up!" He reached farther, pushing the front of the desk with him. Crash! He landed himself on the floor, tied up with the twisted desk. His left arm was turned awkwardly, ensnared in the remains. I noticed it was the arm he had earlier attempted to slug wade with. Ironic. Will's face quickly contorted with pain as he squeaked (yes, squeaked), " My arm... it hurts... bad. I can't.... get.. loose." His near-whisper rapidly rose to to a howl. Help! It really f------- hurts!!!" Blake kneeled by his friend and gently assisted him in unwraveling himself from the shards of broken plastic and bent metal. Meanwhile, a low hiss escaped from the halllway, rising, growing to a deafening pitch. Then stopped with a fearful abruptness. No one moved. No one laughed. In fact, rather surprisingly no one said a word. Brandon uttered a small sound. "Uh oh." This triggered a cacaphony of frantic whispers and discussions, which erupted from all but Will, who still sat on the floor, seething in pain and frustration at being so clumsy. It was hard not to feel sorry for him, which I admit I did. Being a very random person, Allie Cline stood up on her chair, and declared," I know exactly what to do in a situation like this!" "What?" I was ecstatic to know that Aliie had a possibly sensible suggestion. She was supposedly a brainiac. "PANIC!!!" Never mind. She sat down quickly after a snarl that silenced the whole class, a venomous snarl that that came from outside the door. Wade snicked quietly," Maybe it's an alien, come from some anonymous planet to prey on the obnoxious Brandon." Brandon, who was not obnoxious, but rather gullible, took the tainted bait. "ALIENS!!! Oh my gosh! Omigosh its an alien! It's an alien I'm gonna die! Will save me, I don't wanna die!" "Chill out Brandon! Your not gonna die!" Will snapped. "And if you were, I probably couldn't do much about it seeing as how my arm is probably broken. Besides, I doubt aliens eat people with braces." He added. "Unfortunately, " glancing sullenly at me.

Tension rose as the creature stepped closer to the door. Step, by step, by tedious nerve wracking step. 2 red eyes materialized outside the door's window, along with 3 skinny fingers that swelled at the tips, touching the glass. A spooky fog slipped steathily underneath the door, yet not substantially profuse enough to muffle a loud girly scream that came from the hallway as the doorknob slowly turned. The door began to creak open bit by little bit, welcoming more fog into our once festive room.

The lights suddenly flickered back on. The students horrored gaze swept from the ceiling back to the door. There was nothing there. The sub came back in, seeming unharmed, much to the students bewilderment. He took one look at Will and said tauntingly, "Got yourself in a predicament now did you." Will grumbled a word that would be better left unprinted, then struggled one-handedly to his feet. The sub took him to the office, where he called his mom and left.

So now Will comes to school sporting a bright red WKU cast on his arm. Wade began writing a documentary on the likelihood of meeting a real alien face to face. Brandon is the most flighty, jumpy, nervous thing you ever saw. And since Will has learned not to forget a pencil, class goes a bit smoother and quicker than before Halloween. How unfortunate. And Warren East has a new feature: a haunted house every fall festival. And who to operate it but me, Chelsea, Will, Wade, and of course, Brandon.

The author's comments:
this was my short story for language arts for my portfolio in 7th grade, although ive edited it a bit since then. the people in this are real people, although they might not have the exact personalities as i put them down.

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