Silent Hill Sacred Desecration

November 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Gerald quickly tore the hospital door open, Gerald had lost about every bit of patience he had in him, now he wanted answers. Gerald moved quickly up the corridor, looking at the dust, as it settled on the walls. Gerald knew this hospital, he felt as if he had been here before, the reception desk was directly across from a few chairs in the waiting room. He had the same feeling in here, as he did in the school, almost as if there were other presences in here with him. Gerald walked to a map hanging on the wall, and looked for the children's ward, he had found it, floor number thirteen, Gerald raises his eyebrows, floor number 13, didn't buildings not have a thirteenth floor? Gerald though for a second, and sighed, he had no choice. Gerald stared at the wires hanging from the ceiling, this building was just as old as the school, if not older. Gerald stared at the elevator, and then laughed, “Not happening”, Gerald walked over to the stair case, and looked at the stairs, “Now or never”, Gerald ascended the old stairs, thinking to himself he was insane. Gerald found himself at the tenth floor, and continued to make his way up, when Gerald got to the fourteenth floor, he knew something was wrong, wait a minute, this hospital doesn't have thirteen floors...Gerald's eyes widened. There was a figure creating a shadow, as it climbed up the wall, it was the thing from the school. Gerald quickly raised his hand, and with quick fingers, searched for his gun. Gerald got his gun and started shooting at the beast, it screamed with pain, and agony, and made faces as it grinned at Gerald, the beast was an Afghani child! The same child who was struck with the grenade! Gerald continued to shoot. The gun was firing, pow, pow, and then it clicked. The gun was out of ammunition. Gerald chucked the gun at the child, it landed on it's face. The beast lunged at Gerald, and started to spit at him. Gerald kicked the beast in the remnants of it's face, and ran for the lower levels, the child following. Gerald was sweating, terribly, while Gerald was running down the stairs he began to scream, “I am so sorry! I am so sorry! Please, please, please, please, leave me alone!” Gerald sobbed while running, “Michelle, where are you! Where are you!” Gerald tripped on one of the stairs, and tumbled down the flights of stairs, he could see the child closing in, as he turned. Gerald thumped against the next floor, and quickly recovered himself, he was tired. Gerald quickly grabbed the railing next to him, and hoisted himself up. Gerald continued to run down the stairs, Floor four, Gerald quickly opened the door that led to floor four, and entered, slamming the door behind him. He ran for the closest room, and slammed the door behind him. Luckily for Gerald, it was the security room. The child smashed through the door he had closed first, and was searching for Gerald intently, sniffing. Gerald quickly searched the room for a gun, he had found one! Inside of the security vault, there was a grenade, and a revolver. Gerald grabbed both, and laid his back flat against the vault, Gerald listened to the child, screaming and smashing against objects, finally the child smashed against the door, and broke it open, Gerald stared at the child, “This brings back warm memories!” Gerald popped the pin to the grenade, and threw it at the child, the child was hit with the grenade, as it detonated on impact. The child, and the room, were smashed to pieces, including Gerald. The floorboards Gerald was sitting on, weren't going to hold, Gerald could hear the creaking, as they began to break apart, Gerald went crashing through floorboards, and landed on a metal floor, Gerald went black.

Gerald woke up on the remains of a floor. He raised his head, and began to cry, “What else could happen to me!” Gerald stood up very slowly, he could barely feel his legs. The hospital was getting more and more tedious every minute. Gerald raised his arm and tried to climb back up to where he fell from, no use. Gerald was getting chills up his back, as he was alone in the dark hospital, with demon children. Gerald walked over to the wall and examined it, it was rusted, the same color as the bathroom, and the school, after he had experienced bad things, he had a bad feeling. Gerald walked over to an open door, the elevator, it was open and seemed very inviting. Gerald walked inside and pressed the button, and the door shut. Gerald observed the levels, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, wait, thirteen? Gerald's eyes grew wide, and he began to panic, “No, no, no, this town, this town is sick, I need to go, no, no, no!” Gerald forced himself to push the thirteenth floor button. The lights flickered on inside the elevator, as he ascended the floors, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and then the elevator lights shut off, the elevator stopped completely. Gerald panicked, “Please, I just want to go, I want to go, just let me go!” Gerald sobbed, “Just let me go!, Just let me go!” Gerald slid to the ground, and he placed his hands in front of his face, as he continued to cry. The lights turned back on and, Gerald stopped sobbing and his eyes grew big, the walls were moving! Thousands of bugs had covered the elevator walls, and Gerald was trapped. Gerald screamed, and made the loudest and longest no, he possibly could. Gerald had lost it. Gerald covered his face again, and the lights went black again. Gerald waited and listened, the bugs had stopped, but something worse had come in its place. Gerald could hear it, his daughter. “I see that town.” Gerald looked up, his daughter was sitting in front of him. Gerald looked pale, and force his lips to utter her name, “Michelle.” Michelle stared at Gerald and grinned, “Were here.” Gerald was bobbing his head, as he listened, “There's no were, there hasn't been a WERE. It's been me, I killed you, I killed you, I killed you, I killed you, I killed you, I killed you, I KILLED you, I KILLED YOU!” Gerald began to scream inside of the elevator, “I KILLED YOU, I KILLED YOU, I KILLED YOU MICHELLE, YOU ARE DEAD, I KILLED YOU.” Michelle stared at Gerald, “Look at the note daddy.” Gerald made a face and grunted, he retrieved the note from his pocket and looked at it. Blank. The page was blank, this was all him. This entire trip, the searching, Michelle is dead, Michelle was dead, she had been dead the entire time, she was dead, SHE WAS DEAD. Gerald looked up, “How are you here, you're dead.” Michelle looked at Gerald. Gerald spit at the image, “How are you here!” Michelle closed her eyes, “an eye for an eye daddy”, Gerald looked down, and closed his eyes, he began to mumble, “So kill me.” Gerald sobbed, “So kill me! So KILL ME!” Gerald looked up, there was no one there. Gerald looked at the wall. The elevator started up, as it made it's way to the thirteenth floor. Gerald pulled out the revolver he had obtained from the security room, Gerald raised the gun to his head, the elevator floors raised, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. Gerald pulled the trigger.

Shawna sat in her chair as she waited for the detective to come speak with her. She stared at the walls and realized how long she had been waiting, it seemed like hours. Shawna stood up and walked over towards the door and shouted out, “Hello?” No reply. Shawna opened the door and walked outside, the office outside was empty, the lights were even dimmed. Shawna treaded outside slowly, observing the room. It was darker, the room seemed odd. Shawna was wondering who was going to take over the investigation now. Michelle had gone missing, and no one knew what had happened to her. Gerald told her he was going to search for her in Silent Hill. Silent Hill, what an odd name. Michelle always talked about Silent Hill, she said she always wanted to go there, so Gerald searched for her. She loved Gerald, his wit was one thing that always cheered her up, even when he said he would go to Silent Hill. Shawna walked through the hall and looked around, no one was here, how odd. Shawna opened up the main door, if one thing was sure, she would never get clarity by working with the state police, they were useless. Shawna opened her car door and began to get inside when she saw a letter on her seat, Shawna opened the letter-


The author's comments:
This piece was torn from my longer story, I couldn't post the nine pages I made on Open office, so I decided to post the ending, the better section of the story, It won't necessarily make sense, since no one knows what is happening, but regardless it is nice, please comment.

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