Bad Girl

November 10, 2009
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"If you move an inch, I swear I will shoot," I said clamly to the vampire standing five feet away from me.
His blue-gray eyes narrowed, and his fangs flashed as he bared his teeth. "Pull the trigger if you have the guts," he hissed, waving his hands. "I know hunters like you," he continued, smiling softly, "and they're no match for creatures like me. In fact, a few have had their heads torn off by these very hands." He made a claw-like motion with his left hand.
"Oh, yeah?" I said with raised brows. The stupid, arrogant idiot was starting to play with my nerves. "Name one."
"Hmmm," he said, crossing his arms and shifting his feet. "Uh-huh!" he exclaimed.
"I'm waiting," I said, swtiching the gun from my right to left hand. He watched it closely, looking for any signs of foul play.
"You know that hunter, the one who they call the Boogeyman of the Underworld?"
"Name, please."
There was no warmth in the smile he gave. "Lyssa," he said quietly. "Lyssa Ronlan."
Now it was my turn to laugh. The vampire looked bewildered by my outburst. "What's so funny?" he asked suspiciously.
I shook my head at him. "Vampires really are fools," I said.
"You heard me. Do you know how many times I've heard that one before?"
Now, he really looked confused. "What do you mean?"
"I mean, you're lying," I explained in a tone that said he was a moron.
"I'm not," he said angrily. His eyes burned like fire. "I was the one who tore out Ronlan's throat. Put away the weapon if you don't believe me."
"Shut up," I said, dead serious. "You couldn't have killed Lyssa Ronlan, because A)Lyssa never goes anywhere without her gun, and B) she is about to blow your brains out."
It felt so good to see the realization of who he was dealing with strike fear in his eyes. He backed up a step, putting his hands in front of him like a shield.
"You," he said in a voice somewhat close to fear. "You're Lyssa Ronlan."
"And you're the big bad vampire. Nice to meet you, too."
I didn't feel anything as my finger pressed the trigger over and over again. The shock in his eyes, and the gaping of his mouth as the bullet coated with holy water hit his heart was satisfying.
My famous, cold half-smile was on my face as I watched his body fall and turn to dust. I felt nothing, just empty peace.
I was a girl that didn't play by the rules. You mess with me, you're dead. Maybe that was what made me the Boogeyman of the Underworld.
Or maybe it was the simple fact that I loved to press the trigger too much.

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~*HopelesslyCrushed*~ said...
Dec. 15, 2009 at 4:46 pm
Oh my god i love this. :D :D :D. it is so amusing. please do make a BOOK. and then publish it. cuz i'm enjoying it and i'm "thristy" for more. XD
arrowed_rain said...
Dec. 9, 2009 at 11:09 am
I like this story. *chuckles* I like the strength your main character shows; and how you portray fear so well. Nice, unexpected twist on the end. :D
Priya replied...
Dec. 10, 2009 at 5:46 pm
thank you vey much. i'm hoping to create a series on this
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