What am I?

October 23, 2009
I walk into an unfamiliar room and don’t know why I’m here. An unfamiliar face dances across the mirrors.
“Hollow, Hollow wake up” I can hear my brothers voice calling me but I have to get a closer look of that face.
“Hollow your going to be late for school. Get up!” I wake up feeling confused, dazed. Some how I know that, that face is important.

There’s a moving truck in the apartment’s drive way. A lady get’s out with her back towards me, although I can not see her face it seems that I’ve seen her somewhere….
The bell rings and I am pulled out of my daydreaming. I walk home and when I arrive I see the same moving truck in my daydream? Vision maybe? I’m not sure, but I know one thing as the lady turns it’s the face from my dream! The same Auburn hair and green eyes! We make eye contact and my shock mirror’s hers. We’ve met before, but where? Trying not to feel awkward I break away from those green eyes and walk into the building.
“Hollow?” I turn around to see that it’s the lady calling my name.
“How do you know my name?” I asked
“Because you came to me in your dream as I did yours.” answer’s the lady with the piercing green eyes.
“ That’s impossible normal people do not have visions and dreams like I have”
“ That’s because your not normal and neither am I”
“Then what are we?” I ask in a sarcastic tone
“Why don‘t you let me show you?” she say’s with smile spreading across her face while she walks over to me I mirror her steps backwards, turn around and run down the hall. I get to my room and lock the door with my heart beating out of my chest. But when I turn around I see green eyes, then I see nothing but blackness.

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