The Surprise

October 23, 2009
By ♠♣♦♥Jon♠♣♦♥ SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
♠♣♦♥Jon♠♣♦♥ SILVER, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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It was October 31st, Halloween you could say. We went trick ‘o’ treating with Tyler, Joe and Mike. When we went to pick up Tyler we heard some weird noise as we were walking to the car. We thought it was Night. Our black lazy cat. So we didn’t really worry too much about it. As we got Tyler we started wondering what that weird noise was back at the house. I told Tyler about it and he said “ Maybe it was a ghost?” But I didn’t think so. When we got to Joes we started walking up to ring the doorbell when we heard that same noise “ CRANK, CLUNK, CRANK!” Now we were all really scared about what exactly it was. But we thought it’s Halloween. Its just our imagination. But when we got to Mikes, we knew something was wrong. All the doors were busted in, and the windows were all shattered as if a bomb went off. We ran in there and Tyler and Joe yelled out “Mike!” There was no answer. Joe suggested that maybe he was in the bathroom. We looked for a light switch but there was none. We were tip-toeing our way through because we didn’t know what exactly was going on. The lights flickered off, and all you heard was “HELP!!” We turned around to see Tyler gone. We yelled out “Tyler!” no answer. When we approached the stairs we heard weird elevator music but in a Halloween tone. The tone of it just sent goose bumps down your spine. As I walked up the stairs, trying not to make noise but after every step there was a loud “CREEEEEK!” When I reached the top I looked over to the bathroom hoping to see Mike. But every door was open and the music suddenly stopped. The lights flickered off and again all you heard was “AGH, HELP ME!” I looked back towards Joe. But he was not there. The doors were now slammed shut and all you heard were the sounds of footsteps running down the basement. I ran after them screaming “ You’ll never get away with this!” When I reached the basement door, it was slammed shut, and the handle was cold as icicle. I opened it slowly and peeked inside. No lights were on. I got a tennis ball and through it down there hoping to here something. But there was nothing. When I decided to go down I figured I would need some kind of protection if this
“ Thing “ decided to get me. I saw a baseball bat in the corner of my eye. I groped it with all my might. As I walked slowly and steadily down the stairs not knowing what was going to happen, I heard the door slam shut right behind me. I was alone in the dark with a unknown figure and all I had was a baseball bat. I took a swing at nothing as if I saw a ghostly apparition. I got the chills and I was really cold all of a sudden. I went down further hoping to find a light switch. At the bottom of the stairs there was on the wall with what looked like blood smeared on it. I said to myself “ this is it, its time to be a man”. I flicked that switch and started swinging at whatever there might be. But when the lights came on I heard a loud “ SURPRISE! Happy Birthday!” and there they were, Mike, Joe and mom and dad. I said “ what the heck is going on here?” My mom said “ Happy Birthday son” I asked Mike “ Did you plan all of this?” he said “ I sure did, but with the help of your parents and Joe.” I said “Huh this is weird, I thought is was all real.” As I walked over to the punch, shaking my head saying “This was all a surprise” Mike walked over and said “Well how was your birthday?” I told him great! But lets not do this again. Mike chuckled. Alright lets go home everybody. As I started walking out I noticed something. Where is Tyler?

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on Dec. 15 2009 at 3:52 pm
Celtics4Life BRONZE, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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This story is one of the best pieces on the site! Excellent!


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