Being Home Alone Will Get You No Where

October 22, 2009
By .MeganMaliferous. SILVER, Cumming, Georgia
.MeganMaliferous. SILVER, Cumming, Georgia
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All that was heard was the sweat drops pelt the ground and the sound of a single heart beat. Perspiration was trickling down my neck, I was choking on my own fear. Night time had fallen fast my mind wasn’t prepared for what was about to happen. THUMP! A door slammed open my mind was trying to get itself back to being able to think straight. My body was in cold sweats, trying to breath slowly and move at a snails pace quietly to the outside where I could be safe from harms way. It was dark, as dark as the soul of the man trying to rob thy house. Feeling my way through the house as if I was a blind man. Tip toeing became walking fastly, walking fastly became sprinting. All I remember was seeing a glimpse of the streetlight from the cracked corner of the door. Then suddenly.. “Your not going anywhere!” came a commanding voice from directly behind me. The feeling of his cold clammy hands grasping my arms and shutting the door left me disturbed, unaccomplished by not being able to move five more feet. That five more feet would have gotten me freedom. Now, laying in the corner of a room cold, helpless and petrified I surely thought this was it. Giving up is not like me though, I am strong and willing to fight my ground. The man lay approximately twenty feet from me with a knife by his side, and a phone to his ear. My ears catch his conversation as if it was a butterfly being caught in a net. “I’m going to need back up Pete, I can’t rob this house alone man. Get the crew together I’m at 3345 Hailing Gondola Drive. Make it quick, I’m holding a hostage.” Others? I thought frantically to myself. There is no way I could possibly escape from this now, I am surely doomed now. I sank down a little on the floor and my heart started to beat fast. “Get up now!” Screamed this evil deranged man. “There is no escaping for you. don’t worry we will only hurt you if you cause us trouble!” He chuckles to himself. A tear rolled down my face, then another, then another. Before I knew it I had formed a pool by my feet, my nose was running like a faucet and my heart hurted. Come on Megan, hold it together girl you are so much stronger than this.. I was trying to tell myself. Adrenaline rushed like a fireworks sparks all throughout my body and my mind started racing with ideas to get out of this situation. The right idea hit, and I started to take action. “Um…mister..” I said nervously. “What do you want annoying little girl?!” he said angrily. “ Can you come here for a second? I just found my mom’s diamond ring under the bed.” Slowly the man wonders towards me, cautiously as if he knows I am on to something. Closer and Closer the stranger inched, my stomach got sort of queasy. “Where is this so called diamond ring helpless girl?” I sensed the sarcasm in his voice. “Right here!” My hand cuffed hands swung across his horrid face and he fell over with force. He sits up, wipes his face and slaps my gentle face harshly knocking me back on to my side. The pain I felt was unbearable, no I wasn’t going to give up though. Standing up, loosing my balance a bit. I kicked him straight in the face with all I had, he spun around three times and fell to the ground. Smiling was I, but this was no time to stand there and look over the husky man I had just defeated I had to haul butt to escape the terror of the home. Running with all my might down to the stairs I hear a voice, then another. They were here…Hoping that my breath would slow down to a quiet pace so they couldn’t hear me creeping around the corner. The door was just down the long narrow hallway so close I could almost taste freedom in my mouth. Nervousness hit in the pit of my stomach as if I had just been shot down by a gun. My legs wouldn’t allow me to move, but I couldn’t give up now. Slowly my feet give in to my body and I start to creep towards the door. Cold hands grab the back of my neck quickly causing me to jump forty feet into the air. Harsh ground was the only thing I had to land on, twisting my ankle painfully on the downfall to the floor. Swinging, trying to get a hold of one of the men’s shirt. My hands grabbed the end of one of the shirts, tugging as hard as I possibly could he flew back smashing into the other man. Now they were both laying there unconscious I quickened my pace, grabbing the knife on the floor. Trying to limp the best I could out to the free world was harder than I thought it would ever be. Finally after several hours of being trapped in the hell house, I managed to limp out to freedom. Fastly I limped to the next door neighbors house praying that they were home. Knocking on the door and waiting felt like an eternity. The door flung open. Bright lights bombarded my sight. It felt as if I had just died and gone to heaven. The biggest sigh of relief left my mind. Never would I have thought seeing my grouchy old neighbor could have been such a happy feeling. Before I knew it I was being taken in to the hospital and my whole family was there, waiting. Next time I am home alone I will make sure to lock the window. Who would have known that foolish little mistakes like that could cause me this much pain and damage.

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