October 22, 2009
By Red-Cross SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Red-Cross SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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The globe is a play thing, don’t you see? Watch me as I hold it in my hand – Watch me as I spin it round and round. Can you not see? Just as Atlas before me, I bare upon my shoulder that of which is the entity of mortal existence. I am burdened with an asylum for the ignorant, and it is my privilege to be locked within their ranks. Look into the eyes of humanity, can you see a purpose? No – Never. Apathy is key to their pointless meandering. They play their games to keep a shallow belief of content, but you can see deeper into their society, can’t you? Humanity cheats and they prey upon one another, because it is their nature to do so. Allow me to address you now, for when my revolution is complete, you might look upon the sky and appreciate what I have done for you – The pain by which I must now cope with as I conduct my life, for you, so that chaos may be better retained. The time to come is one of agonizing rapture, and I’d keep my head shallow, for the forces of change will be merciless. Society will be eradicated by a plague of corruption – Intoxication for a cure. It is apparent to me now that there will be no savior save I, the last intellectual. Heed my warning, the flames of change will burn cities to the ground, and the herds of arrogant humanity will be caught in the blaze. My intent is to purge, and my intent is to murder, for death is either way inevitable, and in solution to this issue must be accelerated. You will die. Though, rest assured – The infection of this generation will be cured. They will soon realize that they are not locked in here with me, but that I am locked in here with them.

The author's comments:
This article, although small -- Represents the start of an adventure for me. When I come about on an idea that I really do love, I extrapolate it and build.

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