The Dream

October 22, 2009
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Running; I run for my life while something I cannot see, a shadow, chases me through the dense forest by my house. I scream but no sound leaves my lips. I trip over a fallen tree, “keep going” I tell myself, “a little bit faster and I can get away”. I try my hardest, but I cannot bring myself to believe that I can get away from this monster. Maybe if I hide it won’t find me, so I duck underneath a rotten log covered with moss and insects. I can hear the monster’s foot steps drawing nearer to me. All sounds are gone; I peek out of the log. The monster jumps out from behind a thick red tree and grabs me around my neck. I stare transfixed at the body and face of my attacker, it is no monster. It is him, “AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” I scream, and sit bolt upright; breathing heavily I thank the stars the dream did not really happen. I slowly creep downstairs, hoping that I didn’t wake anyone up with my scream, to get some water. At the sink, glass in hand, I look out the window and see a shadow pass. Rolling my eyes, just a cat, I go to the sliding glass door to let it in. The shadow isn’t the cat; a person is facing me, hooded and cloaked. I start running towards the front door, and the shadow follows me as I run into the forest; I realize this feels just like my dream; I run, I hide, and I peek out. The monster grabs me just as it did in my dream. I pull the hood down from the monster’s hood revealing him. A monster hid under this hood, but not a Disney monster, a monster of a man. I scream with every breath I have left, the sound carries through the forest, and I pray someone will hear me. He drops me and whispers to me while I catch my breath, “You won’t always have that pretty voice of yours to save you.” I get up and start to back away, and he watches me leave, making no move to stop me. I turn and run; I run with everything I have to safety, not knowing if I will make it back before I collapse from exhaustion. I feel as though I have been running for hour, my legs ache and my heart burns, I hear someone calling my name right before I fall.

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