The Deaths (a very very short story)

November 9, 2009
By Anonymous

A man walked to his car after scrambling to get dressed. He was a detective for 10 years by then, and had never left an unsolved case. Today, it was different. A man had been found dead, and there were no bullet wounds, foreign substances, or even a tear in the skin at all. The man had no problems in him whatsoever medically. As the detective arrived at the crime scene, he questioned several witnesses. Right before the man had died, he had been just so excited about watching the latest episode of his favorite TV show the very next night. The detective looked around, questioned everyone, and decided that it had to be a medical issue they had missed.

The next day, the detective received another call. The same case was seen again, this time in an old woman. When the detective arrived, her family said that she was so anxious to retire, and it was only a year away. The detective was getting suspicious, but just couldn't find out what had killed her.

Two days later, the detective received yet another call about a mysterious death with no medical causes for their death. Her friends said that the girl was eager for prom that was te very next week. This time, the detective just had to get it right. So he sat and thought. He waited for an answer to come to him. And he died.   

The author's comments:
I came up with the idea and put it to paper. It's short and written in 15 minutes so please take that into account before heavily criticizing it.

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