Hollow Whispers

November 6, 2009
By Quinten GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
Quinten GOLD, Lubbock, Texas
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Why do I fear what I cannot see? I am alone, I know this is sure, but still there is a horrid essence in this place. Where did Charles go? I’m positive he is not trying to frighten me. I see nothing. The floor won’t quit mocking my footsteps. This house……is so queer. I do not understand why fear like this holds me here. I feel as if a creature stalks me, but I am not attempting to leave. My heart is lodged in my throat.

Mykel’s head spun with denial. Uncertainty plagued his reason. He began to wonder how he was put into this devilish situation. Charles had disappeared quite some time ago. He wasn’t sure when exactly. His watch had oddly quit working suddenly. Even so a ticking noise circulated throughout the gargantuan house. A soul crushing chill traveled through his body slowly as if taunting him. Testing him, or maybe to warn him. Panic struck him with a pain in his chest.

“Charles! Where are you,” he abruptly shouted. He could slightly see, but only a foot ahead of him. Still that was blurry. It seemed to be either a mist of smog clouding his vision. A hint of sulfur hung in the air. His eyes began to water. Unaware of it he had gone deeper into the maze of hallways and rooms. Now in the centre of the house a small amount of light made its way through a sliver of a crack in the far most peak of the roof. With his focus solely on forward, he quickened his pace. At the corner of his eye he saw the light vanish and reappear as if a person passed, but that’s impossible. No one came with him and Charles. They made sure not to tell anyone of their plans. The inside of his body froze without any command of his. With his body still he stared at that certain area of the room.

“No one is here, no one is here, no one is here, no one is here.” He whispered periodically to himself.

While attempting to calm his paranoia a breeze stroked his lower leg causing him to jump, and rush to a different part of the room. At the very moment of stopping a breath followed by a whisper to faint to interpret caused an empty, hollow sensation to come over him. A feeling similar to restlessness but also like avoidance pushed him to begin a dead sprint to the door. Upon approaching to doorway an unseen force thrust him to the floor; the impact knocking the air from his lungs. He gasped for air, but to no avail. An urge to kill was pendent in the muggy air. For a moment he thought that he saw Charles in the room next to his own. His body was pale, with a misty quality to his exterior. Confusion lagged its way along with the rest of his negative emotions.

Finally his breath returned to him, but he did not waste any time. He sprung to his feet and rushed to an unknown exit. He passed room after room. Sure there would be an escape after so long. After some time, right in front of him, was the entrance to the house; only moments from his grasp. With a few steps remaining he felt something near him. This time he did not ignore it. He attempted to avoid the entity. Moving side to side, he quickened his pace. Thinking his ejection from this nightmare was sealed and definite, he lowered his guard to get a breather. At that precise moment his body stiffened and he collapsed. An odd paralysis took over him. Struggling to free himself only tired him more. Without a chance to acknowledge what happened a force was placed onto his ankles, and he was dragged to a dark area without a door. Mykel let out a shout for help but nothing was heard. There was no echo just silence.

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