October 30, 2009
By Arashi-Kumo BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
Arashi-Kumo BRONZE, Bedford, Indiana
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By Arashi-Kumo

Fading Away

I feel as if I am dead and no one can here me.
Oh, wait. I am dead and no one can here me. D*mn. I seriously forgot I was dead there for a second. Jesus, I really am messed up. Wait, speaking of Jesus…Why am I floating around the funeral home? I’ve been dead two days and I haven’t seen a thing of heaven, or of hell. I’ve just been floating around, watching people cry, and watching my autopsy. And oh holy shit that was nasty! Not to mention disturbing. I mean imagine watching your body being dissected. I don’t think I’ll ever get over that one.
Another thing I’m surprised about is how many people showed up for my funeral. I didn’t even know I knew so many people. I’m sure I didn’t. I guess half of them just showed up to be nice. Why they’re trying to be nice to a dead guy, I don’t know. It’s not as if I care.
I can float through walls. Yes, I’m just that dead. Floating through people is somewhat weird though. It creeps me out and gives people chills. But walls, no creepiness and no chills. And I really don’t want to watch my funeral.
I keep wondering why I’m still here, still earthbound. Is there something I need to do? Unfinished business? I wish this wasn’t so confusing! And it would probably help if the back of my head hadn’t been blown out when I got shot. Having half your cranium splattered on the wall doesn’t help your thought process any.
I float outside and kind of hover over the building. I want to go somewhere else, but I just don’t know where to go. I don’t want to be here, but it feels like I have to be here.
As I float around, feeling the wind blow through my incorporeal body, I let my mind wander. It all went back to the last day of my life…

~Chapter One: A New Beginning~

The author's comments:
This piece was, odd. To say the least. I don't know where the idea came from, I really don't have any idea of where it's going, I just started writing and this is what happened.

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