Rear View Mirror

October 26, 2009
By supr.sily1324 BRONZE, Brattleboro, Vermont
supr.sily1324 BRONZE, Brattleboro, Vermont
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The door handle was slippery with moisture as the rain slowly sprinkled onto the hard worked new paint job. She grasped hard on the handle to prevent her hand from letting go, and pulled. The car door opened and with a loud screeching noise. It echoed through the drenched, leaf packed trees. She adjusted the rear view mirror and caught a quick glimpse of another car parked behind her that she hadn’t noticed when she walked out of the house. The head lights of the car were on and it had started raining harder so the windshield wipers were going back and forth. She could hear faint squeaking noises coming from them. She decided to let it go and drive away. She put her hands to the cold leather wheel and pressed the gas pedal slowly, still looking in her rear view mirror. As she pulled away the car behind her stayed behind her…the car started the gas and followed where she went. She stopped, dumbfounded. This person was following her. She tried to see who it was in the car but she couldn’t see through the little droplets of water on their windshield. She pressed the gas even slower, the car pressed the gas at the same speed that she did, keeping the distance between them exactly the same. She became truly frightened and floored it. The force of the speed change made her head tilt back but she slowly straightened it out. She looked in her rear view mirror and saw the car still following her; she squinted to make sure that it wasn’t her eyes just playing tricks on her. In this concentration she didn’t pay attention to the road. Before she knew it she was out of control. The wheel was spinning and she had to grasp to it harder than she thought she would ever have to. While this was happening a little black kitty ran across the road. In order to avoid hitting the kitty she swerved, forcing her whole body to tilt and twist her spine in order to turn the wheel farther. She turned a little too far. She went off the road, hit a tree, and broke the windshield, including the rearview mirror. Everything was broken. She tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. She pushed as hard as she could. Finally it came loose and she fell out of the car. She looked behind her and there was no car.
Was it all in her head?
Was it all in the rear view mirror?

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by my over-active imagination.

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