October 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Burning eyes. Picturesque swirled fists of brown. My chocolate-covered boots are decorated in a kalidascope of greens. A blanket of sheer darkness smothers me. I release my withered lips to shriek. The statement deceased.

What has happened to me? I was once dauntless, now, I am merely rueful.

It all began on the dawn of the 25th. The sky was full of shepherd's warning. I should of knew. I should of expected this to happen.

I awoke with a knot stuffed in my stomach. I can't even begin to explain why. I used to be complimented on my day-to-day positivity. I tried hard to dust the worries off of my mind as I hauled myself out of my comforting bed and forced my exposed body into a steaming hot shower. The respiration off of the roasted shower water only increased my pain. How unfortunate.

I smothered a fluffy towel around my tired body, forced last night's clothing on my body in a scruffy manner and roughly scrunched my long, multi-coloured hair in a vintage hairband. There I was, ready to take on the world.

"I could eat a horse", I mumbled grumpily to myself as I stumbled down the iron-cast stairs. What was wrong with my attitude today, seriously??

I tapped the tip of my dark as midnight fingertips on the counter as my eyes darted towards the food choices displayed in front of me. I bit a long, dark cherry tip of one of my nails as I confirmed to myself that I wasn't in the mood to eat today. My stomach shrieked in horror at this decision. There was no second options, it was going to have to suffer with me.

I approached the front door with caution, with one nervous foot behind the other. I felt a disgusting ice cold shiver up my back . All I could see was scarlet red. The shade of warning. My intention was to go back to the safe warmth of my bed. However, my body did not seem to be in tune with my mind.

I forced myself out of the inviting house of safety. I saw no colour anymore. I only saw the distressing colour of black. I felt like I should do something to prevent it, but I felt too weak. Who really cares about me? There is no point trying anymore. My joints had frozen and it felt similar to what I would imagine living in a freezer would feel like. This is when I decided to shut my eyelids that were barely able to function properly at this point. I gave up.

The next thing I knew, my fractured body was placed carefully around a colourful selection of leaves.
Colour at last. COLOUR AT LAST!

But this was not for long, as I feel very enclosed all of a sudden. I try to speak out for help but I cannot. I can't do it anymore.

I suddenly feel a shocking prick. Then I feel the same sensation again but this time I receive a huge blow. All I can think is ouch. A bit mild of a statement really considering the amount of searing pain I felt. But unforunately, my thoughts had stopped like a clock that has ran out of batteries. My emotion remained as empty as my stomach.

Today, I still feel nothing. I still see nothing the way I used to. Everything is only painted the shade of darkness.

But deep down inside of me, I hope my rainbow of beautiful colours comes out from behind the dull clouds. I hope my rainbow will shine its bright colours everyday just like it used to. I don't want to see raindrops on my window anymore.

The author's comments:
I haven't really left this myself, but this piece is about someone who has became depressed after a series of events that have blown at her cheery personality away.

However, this story may have another meaning which makes it a mystery. It could also be someone who got murdered and have not yet been found yet but one day, they hope they will be and they will receive justice.

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