Halloween Candy

October 26, 2009
By Anonymous

Narrator 1
Narrator 2
Christina-“brave one”; 13 yrs old
Madison-”the chicken”; 13 yrs old
Christina's Mom-”laid back”; always working; single mother
The strange Noise/The Ghost
Halloween Candy
(Prologue) Narrator 1:

On a dark and cloudy night. The candy is displayed in large decorated bowls, set out on neighborhood porches, being handed out by the kind elderly people of Maple Street. It's October 31st, 7:00 pm, otherwise known as Halloween night. This is the time of year children dress up in silly, cute and scary costumes.
(Scene 1)

(Christina and Madison are putting their costumes on and getting ready for their last trick-or-treating night on Maple Street in the back)
(Christina's house)
Christina: Okay mom, Madison and I will be back home around 11 tonight!
Christina's Mom: K, I'll be at work so only you two will be here. Don't get into trouble, and stay close to home!
Christina: Okay, bye mom!
(Christina and Madison walk out the door on stage)
(Scene 2)

(Christina and Madison are collecting their candy, moving from one house to another on stage)
Madison:(sarcastically)My feet hurt, how many more houses left on Elm Street?
Christina: Would you chill out? There's only one house left, and it's not “Elm” street, it's Hickory.
Madison: (still sarcasm)Oh, my bad for mistaking the street with all the creepy houses on it. Let's get this haunted mansion over with.

(The girls walk through the tall, black, iron gate and start up the creaking old steps on stage)
Christina: You're being ridiculous.
Madison: This house just gives me a bad feeling. I feel like someone's watching us.
Christina: That's silly, lets just get our candy and go home.

(Christina walks up to the wooden door and rings the doorbell three times on stage)
Madison: Looks like no one's home, time to go.

(The girls start to turn away but they turn around to find the front door wide open on stage)
Christina: Whoa, that's so cool. Come on, let's go in!
Madison: No, that's just weird, I think I'll wait out here.
Christina: Oh don't be such a baby.

(Christina grabs Madison's arm and pulls her through the door on stage)
Christina: Hello? Trick-or-treat! Anybody home?
Madison: The lights are all out except for this one. I don't think anybody is here. Now let's..
Christina; (interrupting) Hey look! That is a really big bowl of candy, I told you this was worth it, and look, it's the good stuff. (walks over to table where candy is located on stage)

(They put candy in their pillow cases while a strange noise echoes into the room on stage)
Madison: Did you hear that? What was that noise? Let's go, I'm freaked.
Christina: I heard it too. Sounded like it was coming from upstairs, let's check it out!
Madison: Okay, we'll check it out then go back to your house. Good thing we have flashlights. I hope we don't get arrested.
Christina: We won't get arrested. The door was open and there's a big bowl of candy right there. They set it out for a reason, and we rang the doorbell three times. Now come on!

(The girls turn on their flashlights and start up the stairs to the second floor on stage)
(Scene 3)

(Madison tries opening a few doors on the left side of the hallway on stage)
Madison: They're all locked! I wonder why.

(Christina tries opening the doors on the right side on stage)
Christina: These doors are locked too.
Madison: Where could that noise have come from?
Christina: Wait, look, all the way down the hallway. It looks like a door. It's in the middle, not on a certain side.

(Christina and Madison start walking closer to the end of the hallway on stage)
Madison: The room is pitch black. It looks really scary, I don't think we should do this. I'm just not having a good feeling.
Christina: Stop being such a baby, we have flashlights you know.

(Christina pulls Madison through the door into the dark room on stage, lights go off)
Madison: I don't see or hear anything anymore so maybe it was just our imagination. Now, lets..

(All of a sudden, the door closes just as Madison is about ready to walk out the door on stage)
Both girls: AHHHHHH!!
Christina: (stuttering) Who's there? We're sorry, we're leaving. We just..

(What appears to be a ghost appears in front of Madison and Christina on stage)
The Ghost: (spooky voice) What are you doing? You should never have come! Leave or pay the price!
Madison: We're leaving, we're leave..
The Ghost: (interrupting) NO! First, you must give in all your candy. You must pay the price!
Christina: But we spent hours collecting the candy, it's ours!
The Ghost: Leave all your candy or never get out!

(Madison throws her candy on the floor and grabs Christina's pillow case and dumps all of her candy, too, on the floor to the ghost on stage)
Madison: Now can we leave?
The Ghost: Yes! Get out! Leave and never come back!

(The door opens, the girls run screaming down the hall, down the stairs, and outside on stage)
Christina: (breathing heavily) Wow..I..can't believe..this is..wow. My candy!
Madison: You'll be fine. It's just candy. That “ghost” was probably just somebody wanting candy.
Christina: Well, let's go home. There's candy there. I do think the ghost was fake. It was probably just some kid dressed up trying to scare us or get us back for something.
Madison: Yea, his voice sounded so familiar. I think it was Timmy Thompson. I've heard stories of him scaring kids every Halloween. He's so mean. Just wait until Monday, we'll get him back.

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