The other Half. Part Four

October 26, 2009
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I walked down the bush track that me and jet had ran along in the orienteering activity earlier today. It was dark, it had became dark quicker than I’d expected, I looked at my watch...I hit the screen of my purple watch and the hands didn’t move, great, I thought. I didn’t turn around though, my watch said it was, what, my watch read 3pm and I was sure that it was working then because Jet had asked me what time it was and I had told him 3.30pm. I rolled my eyes and walked down the hill to where the big tree lay across the path. I couldn’t climb on top of it but i could maybe squeeze under the bottom, there was about a 30 cm gap. I got down onto my stomach and remembering the days back in scouts, I army crawled under the log. I stood up and tried to brush the dirt of, but it wasn’t dirt, it was mud, I had forgotten about the rain earlier. Oh well I thought and kept walking being careful I didn’t slip, about a minute later I turned the corner and stopped still in shock. I blinked hoping that maybe it would disappear but it didn’t. I stepped around the corner quietly and then walked fast behind a bush. I looked closer and saw who I thought it was, Jodie. I crawled a little bit closer so I could try to make out who the other person was. I fell back when I made out the hair colour, height and how old she looked. She looked exactly like........Sapphire. I gasped. They were both standing near the edge of a cliff, my dead sister and Jodie. I noticed them arguing and suddenly Jodie was yelling,
“I KNOW, OKAY, I KNOW YOU SAW KEVIN!” My mouth opened in shock as I heard my father’s name.
Jodie stepped forward and slapped Sapphire, I gasped and stood up.
“Leave her alone!” I yelled, but no-one looked, it was like I wasn’t there.
“If I can’t trust Kevin, I can’t trust you, your hiding something and he has a plan, you know about it don’t you, you think you’ve got this little clever plan that get me out of your lives-“
“You’re messed up in the head!” Sapphire said and she turned to run, but just then Jodie grabbed her buy the hood that she was wearing and whispered something to her I couldn’t hear.
I turned around as I saw a White forward drive come down a dirt track to the cliff. Out of the car came my father, his blond hair was wild in the wind, I got up and ran towards him my arms open, I hadn’t seen my dad since I was little, But he walked straight past me.
“Let her go Jodie! She hasn’t done anything and either have I!” Kevin said, walking towards Jodie, her hands still clenched onto Sapphires hoodie.
“Really, how did you know I was here then?” Jodie asked.
“My daughter, Sapphire, sent me a text message Jodie, because she was afraid of someone who should have been placed in a mental ward age’s ago” Dad said I walked forward to stand next to him, I didn’t touch him in case he disappeared I just kind of stood there in shock, Sapphire, was still alive.
“You come any closer and she’s gone!” Jodie said that was it I ran forward and punched Jodie in the nose, but nothing happened, my hand hit her but sort of bounced off.
“I don’t understand!” I say.
The next bit hit me straight in the face, hard and painful, Kevin broke out into a run and tried to push Jodie off the cliff and trying to grab Sapphire at the same time but he was too slow, I ran forward too and leaped to get Sapphire before she flew off the cliff, but I ended up behind the bush, I didn’t even walk there, I just ended up there...
“NO!!” Kevin shouted, and I realised that Jodie had thrown her off the cliff not Sapphire! To my surprise Jodie laughed.
“She’s gone now, and if you tell anyone about this the other two, yes I’m talking about Jet and Scarlett, will be gone too!” Jodie said and she ran off.
I stood up and ran over to where dad was laying, he was crying and screaming I placed my hand on his shoulder and I could feel the heat of his body from his emotions.
“HELP!!!!” I scream “SOMEBODY HELP!” my voice echoed a million times around me, “Dad, Dad, DAD!” I shout his name to him but he wasn’t hearing me. I pinch myself and I feel it, I’m not dead and I’m not asleep, but it couldn’t be real it had to be a dream!
“HELP!” I start to cry, I scream once more “HELP!!” and this time I hear a voice.
“Scarlett, only you can mend the scars she’s left upon us, only you can bring me back” I go into freeze mode as I hear my sister’s voice talking to me.
I stand up and run as fast as I can, leaving dad behind me. I push my legs to go faster and faster, I had to get away to talk to Jet, to get him down there but then I trip, I get straight back up and run trying to pick up my pace I had before, when I come to the log, instead of army crawling I dive straight under the gap, but I didn’t make it through the whole way, I hit my head on the log and my back scraps against the wood. I collapse onto the ground.
“Sis, Scarlett, wake up!” I hear jet’s voice, JET! I open my eyes and blink a few times until I see my brother standing above me. I sit up quickly and grab him by the shoulders,
“I SAW HER!!” I said loudly but not yelling.

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Part four! Enjoying it?

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