The other half. Part 3

October 26, 2009
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We ran for about a minute until we found the public toilets, Scarlett stopped and walked into the girl’s toilets and I rushed into the guys. I entered into one of the toilet cubicles and took my black converse off and chucked my track pants and T-shirt on stuffing my jeans and top I had arrived in into my bag but I left my black hoodie out to wear. I slipped into my pair of runners and pulled my hoodie on. I swung my bag onto my bag, unlocked the door and exited through the toilet door into the outdoors. I leant against the wall and waited for Scarlett. I wondered how she was going to cope with this camp. It was her first school camp without Sapphire and though I missed my dead sister I also missed the old Scarlett, the confident Scarlett who didn’t care what other’s thought of her. It was true that we had became closer since Sapphire’s “suicide” and I wondered whether me and Scar would’ve been as close if Sapphire hadn’t died. Sometimes I felt like Scar didn’t know that I missed Sapphire too, that she was the only one hurting and grieving for our sister, and if she did think that she was very wrong. I started thinking about that day last year when Jodie had told us that Sapphire had committed suicide, I can remember the date of that day very clearly it was the sixth of July and I remember mum, as we called her up until that day, walking through the door, I can remember her looking slightly happy but then as she noticed me and Scarlett was looking at her, her face turned scared and upset. Jodie just walked straight past us and went upstairs. It was a police man named Stu, who told us that Sapphire had committed suicide, though we believed it all then, believed everything Jodie had told us, we had our suspicions our doubts whether our mum was telling us the truth. Jodie was never at home anymore some nights and every morning she was at home but otherwise she was out somewhere.
“About time, I was nearly falling asleep waiting for you” I said as Scarlett walked up to my in her sport clothes.
We walked round to the BBQ area but everyone had left.
“Where are they?” I asked
“Well it looks like they have gone!” Scarlett said.
“Oh it’s okay, I have waited for you, here is your map and as there are no compasses’ left you’ll have to just use the map.” Mr. Jones appeared from behind us smiling almost evilly.
I snatched the map from Mr. Jones, Scarlett sprinted off into the bush and I followed.
I knew Mr. Jones had done this on purpose so we’d get lost, and I was going to finish this stupid activity first to prove him wrong!

I heard the gravel I was running on crunch behind me and then Jet was right next to me. We came to a fork in the path and jet ran to the left so I followed.
“I really don’t like Mr. Jones, he’s so...” She said then groaned.
“Annoying, Evil, Fake, Bossy?” Jet asked me.
I thought of many more words I could have used but instead of saying them all I just stuck with “Yes”.
Me and jet stated running faster, but then the track became forked again and this time we stopped. I looked at Jet he seemed puzzled but then I saw two other’s ahead of us, they’d taken the right path, Jet grabbed my arm and started running along the left path.
“No, hang on; there are two others that went that way.” I say pointing to the pair running along the right path.
“Well our map say’s this way, see” Jet said tracing he’s fingers along the path that ended up near another BBQ where we were supposed to meet everyone else.
“Yeah, okay, let’s just go” I say and start running along the left path.
The track become’s rougher and thinner and we had to start running single form, Jet in front with the map and me behind him. As we turned a corner there was a huge pine tree lying across the track.
“How are we supposed to get over that?” I say frustrated, Jet just shrugs his shoulders, “Mr. Jones has gave us the wrong map, I knew he was up to something” I say Sit down on the ground.
“Come on lets go back” Jet said and I got up. We got to the fork where I’d seen the other pair, faster than I thought it would take. This time we went along the left path.
“I really hate camps!” I say as I run up next to Jet.
“Me too, hey look there’s the BBQ area” Jet said and he pointed about 200 metre’s ahead of us.
“No, that’s the wrong one, no one’s there!” I said
“Na, that has to be it, there’s only one other BBQ and that’s the one near where we started” jet said and he slowed to a jog.
“But nobody’s their” I said
“Well here’s the map you show me the right BBQ area” He said I snatched to map from him and through it into the shrubs”
“Great, we know where were going now” Jet said sarcastically
“Arg, Let’s just go back to the start” I said frustrated
“Yeah, sure because we know where that is without a map” He said dumbly.
“Let’s just run that way until we come to that fork and then we’ll figure out what to do” I said and I turned around and started to run back.
“Hang on sis, wait for me” Jet said and I paused and waited until he had caught up then we jogged together until we came to the fork of the path for the third time that day.
“Sorry I got frustrated at you” I said to Jet and he just nodded his head. I didn’t realise until we started to run up the track, to where we hoped was the first fork in the track we had came to when we first started the orienteering activity, how tired I was, I slowed down to a fast jog and we jogged for about one minute in silence. My mind wasn’t thinking about a specific thing just wondering through everything that had happened. We finally came to the fork and we ran straight ahead.
We only had about a three minute run left, I stayed silent as Scarlett wasn’t talking, It became unconvertible in situations like this, I never knew to whether to talk or not and if so what to say so I usually just stayed silent until she spoke.
I sighed and Scarlett sped up ahead of me I followed and sprinted up until I met her. We didn’t slow down until we got to the BBQ area where everyone was waiting around the corner where we couldn’t have seen them before.
“You both took, your time, we were about to send out the search rescue squad” Mr. Jones said and half a dozen or so people laughed.
“You think you’re so funny, don’t you Mr. Jones, giving us the wrong map, we’ll see who’s laughing tomorrow hey?” Scarlett said intimately.
“Oh well I hope you both enjoy spending the rest of the afternoon locked in your cabin” Mr. Jones said and I couldn’t believe we were both being locked inside a cabin because Scarlett had said what she thought, I wasn’t going to be locked in a cabin without saying anything.
“Before you get such a big head you can’t fit through the door, which I’m surprised hasn’t happened already, just remind yourself that you haven’t won just yet.” I said and grabbing Scarlett I walked up to our cabin.
I got the key out of my backpack and opened the door.
“Home sweet home” I said sarcastically and Scarlett didn’t say anything, she just closed the door behind her and slumped onto her bed.
“I wonder what’s behind that door?” I asked her, trying to lighten the mood, Scarlett just laid down on her bed with her back to me, “what have I done?” I asked, I hadn’t done anything to make her crabby had I?
I got up and walked around to her, then I realised she was asleep.

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Part three!

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