Mandy's Killer

October 13, 2009
By writer624 BRONZE, Newton, New Jersey
writer624 BRONZE, Newton, New Jersey
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It was a bone-chilling, windy, and black as death night, Mandy a twelve year old girl was storming home from her friend next door’s house after a fight. She was a short girl, a zit here and there, long white hair, and a boyish figure which always wore jeans and T-shirts. Mandy and Kiki, her friend, fought on and off repeatedly on a regular basis. Tonight’s fight was different though. Usually they would yell at each other and say each was a b*tch, but tonight Kiki had said she wished Mandy dead, stabbed repeatedly in the stomach. Mandy was sad, mad, and even upset, because she could usually find a good comeback, but not for this. The truth was she loved Kiki like a sister. You see both were only children with only one parent. Kiki had a mom and Mandy a dad. After they had fought Mandy ran outside into the shadows sobbing uncontrollably. “Let her wish me dead for all I care,” Mandy said to no one in particular. Well, she didn’t mean, but it she didn’t know how wrong she was.

Kiki was MAD! “How can she just walk in here and say my brownies are to crunchy,” Kiki mumbled, “Mandy thinks she got it all, dad, money, EVERYTHING!” She threw a pillow at a lamp and knocked it over. POP! The light bulb cracked, and Kiki screamed in surprise. She didn’t mean what she had said about Mandy dying, but she got upset. Kiki walked to the window to watch Mandy home. She was mumbling and talking to herself. It was a habit Kiki knew they both did when they fought. Kiki walked to the hall mirror after seeing Mandy home. She had short black hair, glasses, and a girlish figure usually seen in legging, skirts, and tight shirts. Many people who saw Kiki thought she was anorexic because she was skinny. Her mother loved her but she always thought of running away, with Tom her boyfriend. He offered and offered but she never gave in to him. Kiki thought about the fight some more. I shouldn’t have baked them, thought Kiki, I know she tries to support me but I have a bad feeling. She was right.

For days the girls fought, like orange juice and tooth paste. Their parents got worried and talked constantly of forcing them to talk it out. The girls just wouldn’t talk. They would sit next to each other, and be partners, but they wouldn’t talk. One day though it changed. Mandy was missing.

It happened when Kiki was telling Tom about the fight over the phone when the other line buzzed in. “Kiki is Mandy over there?” asked Mr. Malaise.

“No. Why?” answered Kiki, “Is she out with her boyfriend, Richard?”

“It doesn’t make sense Kiki; she was talking about making up with you with Tom. She hung up half an hour later she’s gone!”

“Calm down Mr. Malaise, she’ll be fine I know her. I’m talking to Tom now I’ll ask him what he remembers. Okay?”

“Alrighty. Update me later”

Kiki hung up on Mandy’s worried father and picked up on tom. “Weird Mandy went missing and her dad’s calling the cops” Kiki explained.

“Well I got to go by” Tom hung up.

Kiki thought for a moment. He had called a few minutes before Mandy was confirmed missing. Sounded nervous when she mentioned her. Kiki thought of all the things connecting. She wrote a list of the order of things:
Mandy explains the way Kiki told her to die
Half hour later she goes missing
Tom calls all nervous about Mandy
Ha, she thought, what if Tom killed Mandy! That would be a nervous laugh. A knock on the door brought Kiki back to the real world. It was Tom.

“Hey you. What’s up! Hey what’s in your hand?!” Kiki screamed. In Tom’s hand was a gleaming, shooting star silver steak knife.

“She’s in the woods stabbed repeatedly in the stomach like you wanted. Now I did you a favor you do me one. Run away with me and I won’t kill any one you love.” Tom replied in a raspy, panting voice, like he had run to her as fast as he could.

“If you promise not to kill the ones I care for, I’ll go. Let me go pack. I’ll be down soon.” Kiki was nervous.
What if he decides to stab me, or, or wants to kill my mom while I pack! Kiki couldn’t push the thoughts away as she packed a bag and dialed the phone. She dialed 911 and told them what she knew about Mandy and left for Tom. He was still waiting at the front door.

“Why did you kill her? Why Mandy she didn’t hurt you!” said Kiki.

“She got in between us. If you fought it was all about Mandy. You’d break dates just to hang out with HER!” Tom practically yelled. With that he swung her over his back around the waist, and walked off. She was scared at first and yelled, but got used to it after a minute. The last anyone ever saw of them was when they were talking at the door.


The author's comments:
I was petting my cat when i thought of it. It is my first piece of work

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