The Little Girl Next Door

October 20, 2009
By Gabz25 GOLD, West New York, New Jersey
Gabz25 GOLD, West New York, New Jersey
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The year was 1965 when this all happened. The little girl next door always acted suspicious and weird. My parents made me walk with her to school on my way to my school she never said more than three words to me. Her name was Samantha but i called her Samy. Samy for some odd reason only acted like a normal person two times a year. I always wondered why and i knew i couldn't ask her parents. Her parents were like zombies because they never showed any emotion and let Samy do whatever she wanted. When i got to school i asked one my friends to help me spy on her and they said yes.
"Gabby," said Brenda with a puzzling expression on her face "why are we going to spy on her." I told her "I think there's something wrong with her and i want to know what."
Waiting for the end of school seemed endless to me but it was finally over so my friends and i followed Samy. It turns out that instead of going straight home she goes inside an abandoned factory and we follow her but all we see is her and we notice that it smells bad in there.

I being the clumsy person that i am tripped on something and we saw Samantha turn her head. I ran home as quickly as possible and i made it. I decided to ask her my questions on one of her happy days. It took a while but it was finally one of her happy days. I asked her one of my main questions.
"Why are you only happy two days a year?" i asked her. She smiled and said

"It's the only time i get a brake from my job my original parents gave me."

After that i asked her one more question and she told me may things but the problem was figuring out whether it was true or not. when she finished telling me everything she looked sad but i didn't ask her why. Two weeks later i regretted asking all of those questions and then i finally knew why she was sad it was because after telling me all of that information she had to get rid of me. Right before she got me i understood why the factory smelled bad it was all of the bodies she had killed because she was a deadly serial killer. So i was gone right after that and my parents found out what happened to me. It is a fact that to this day Samantha is still alive only in the shape of other little girls. If you see a girl like this don't ask her any questions just ignore her. However, if you know a little girl like Samantha and she's kind of your friend be careful or you'll end up like me.

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