Lost In The Woods

October 20, 2009
As I stumble past the rock covered hill, I stand atop it, and my mouth dropped. Right in front of my eyes was a huge forest, filled with colossal pine-trees. After standing there in shock for about 5 minutes I snapped out of my daze and then quickly attached my eyes to the map I was holding in my cold, shivering hands. This map my mom gave me of our property to grandma’s house had no where on it a gigantic forest. So I thought to myself, “well maybe the map is just really old, and when this map was created maybe, there were no trees here.” I thought this explanation was good, so I continued my trek to a simple destination, Grandma’s house.
As I reached the edge of the forest, I could feel the soft touch of a cool breeze on my face, making music as it zigzagged through the trees. I took my 1st step in and all darkness closed in. Walking for a while, stopping here in there to smell the vanilla aroma the pine trees gave off; continuing to walk I noticed that I have seen some of the surroundings twice or three times already. So I started to make marks on the trees, just my initials, and then finally while I was walking, and thinking I was following the map in the right direction, I came to a tree with my initials on it.
I almost broke down in tears because I knew I was lost in the woods. I frantically scanned the map with my palms sweating and shaking and my head feeling like it fell down to my heart. I could not spot anywhere on the map where I was. I was so dazed and caught up in the beauty of the woods; I didn’t even really look at the map. I was so scared and angry that I took the map and tore it to shreds and threw it on he ground and right as I did that I knew I would regret it. I sat down on a small, mossy rock with my head tucked down in my arms and my warm tears slowly pacing down my face.
After sitting and thinking for a while I came to find myself out of tears . . . I couldn’t cry anymore. Sluggishly I lifted my self up almost falling back down again. I lifted my head and looked around and trees were far as the eye can see. Nothing was near and I lost which way I came out from, but suddenly something hit me. I remembered that I had marked a lot of the trees in the forest close together. . . I thought I would be safe so I pulled myself together and then excitingly started looking all of the surrounding trees after walking for a dreadful 2 hours I came to a small pine tree . . . probably a really new one and just on the side of the trunk I spotted two small letters. “MY INITIALS”, I yelled so happily. I sat beside it and cried with tears of joy. I got up and suddenly my surroundings soon became very familiar. I once again started walking in what I thought was the right direction to home I started finding my initials on more and more trees. I became more and more excited as more and more trees become familiar until finally I came to the edge of the woods where up on a little lonely hill sat a little, old, crooked house . . . my house. I ran frantically across the long, soft grass until I made it to my front door! I flipped my hair out of my face and walked in my house. Mom sat at the kitchen counter reading a newspaper and Dad was sleeping on his chair in the living room with an old black and white movie on . . . everything was normal. Mom looked up from her newspaper and said “back so soon”, and all I said was “yeah, im back”, and didn’t bother to tell the story.

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*st* said...
Nov. 25, 2009 at 6:20 pm
Wow !!!
That was freakin amazing !!!
I loved every thing about it !!!
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