A Midnight's Shadow

October 19, 2009
By PeaceLoveDance321 GOLD, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
PeaceLoveDance321 GOLD, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
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I sit on my bed anxiously, waiting for it to happen. I sit and wait, sit and wait, I am scared to death. It all started when…

I was watching my little brother because my parents decided that they wanted to go out to their favorite restaurant for their anniversary. Then, the doorbell mysteriously rang I went to answer it, but no one was there. Then the phone rang I went to answer it, but yet again no one was there. Not sure what to do I put my brother to sleep in my room, and waited there till he was asleep. When he finally fell asleep I went to the bathroom to wash up and brush my teeth before bed, when I closed my eyes to wash my face, I looked in the mirror and I saw a peculiar shadow I turned around only to find it disappear.

Frightened, I grab a wipe, towel, my tooth brush, tooth paste, and a cup; I thought it would better to do the rest of my nightly routine in my bedroom. I sprinted through the hallway to my room, slammed, and locked the door, and watched my little brother peacefully sleeping.
Then I got yet another call I was scared to answer but I knew I had to, or there could be consequences. I heard a deep, dark, man’s voice. He told me to go to the front door so I did clutching my phone the whole time. Nothing happened so I returned to my room only to find a broken window, and no brother. I started crying hysterically and I remember all those times I was mean to him I hoped that he forgave me. All I wanted to do was embrace him, to kiss his cheek one last time. So I pulled myself together, I knew I had to be strong if I wanted him back.

I grabbed my phone and dialed “911,” I told them about my situation and they explained that I would have to call that number, I did.

“The voice told me to head to the door again. Halfway down the steps I said a quick prayer dialed the cops and told them I was ready. I opened the door and saw a man I couldn’t see his face yet I could tell he was a man, I asked in a shaky voice

“Where is he?”

And he replied with “Somewhere.”

I ran up the stairs went in to my room, and locked the door, I could hear him chase after me but I didn’t want to look back. I had no choice so I jumped out the pre-broken window. I hurt myself but I just kept running until the cops told me to stop. When I did finally stop I hid behind a tree. I couldn’t catch my breath so I sat down behind the tree.

In the same voice I heard the mystery man say, “Trying to run away from me? Huh?”

I ran away again, it seemed like I had been running for hours when I got to my house. I heard a familiar crying and looked around and I saw Michael! I ran and grabbed him. Then I saw the man, I explained a little bit of what was going on, not enough to scare him though. I told him we were playing a game and we can’t let the bad guy in the house we barricaded the door and ran to my room and again we blocked the door and window and that’s my story.
We were suspicious why he didn’t come again, and I let Michael sleep in my bed with me. I continued to lay there I got a call from the cops saying that they caught the man, but I was too scared to go to sleep so I just continued to lay there.
“Annie, Annie, open the door I heard my mom say.” Hmm…That was a really weird dream but I didn’t remember going to sleep. I sit up and there’s that broken window. Nervous I ran in my brother’s room and he was joyfully playing with his toys. I ran over and kissed him.
Michael asked “What was that for?”
I replied, “Nothing I just love you so much.” He thanked me and walking away I saw a mark on his neck that wasn’t there before. What really did happen last night?

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