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October 19, 2009
By ktmo88 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
ktmo88 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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don't regret some of the things you've done, because at one point, it was exactly what you wanted

It was a Saturday afternoon and I had just finished feeding my fish and watching a movie that I still don’t know the name of. My parents are out of town for their anniversary and my sister has decided to go to Golden with her friends for the weekend. So it’s just me and my goldfish. My friends are coming over soon for an all night movie fest (and we intend to stay up all night). “Ding dong!” That must be them I think to myself. I go to answer the door and find myself going into the kitchen first. “How long does it take to open a door?” Holli gasps. “Longer than you think when you decide that you are hungry and need to go into the kitchen for a snack.” I explain. “Whatever, lets just get started with our movie night.” Aber says anxiously. We head into the living room and pick out true classics to watch: Grease and Grease 2. I tell Holli and Aber to start the movie while I head into the kitchen once again, but this time I am getting popcorn and drinks for us to have during the movie. About 2 minutes into the parade through my snack drawer, I hear a knock on the back door. I assume it is just a neighbor looking for a lost pet or something so I hurry over to the door and open it. There is no one there. I look up, left, right, and finally down. When I looked down I saw a key on top of a chest. I curiously take them both into the house and use the key to open the chest. All I find is a note that simply says:

To find your friends,

Go to the park with the

Slide that bends.
Of course now is the time that I panic. I immediately call my next door neighbor and ask if they will take me over to the park. Once we got to the “slide that bends,” we find another note which says:

We decided to move to

A place where you might

“The dance club on 6th and Ster St.!” We return to the car to find that our driver has been taken and neither of us has a license. We then call my aunt and figure that we will take her with us into the dance club. We waited at the park for a couple of minutes and told my aunt where to go when she came. “Did you happen to see two teenagers and another person go into that dance club officer?” I ask out of breath. “Are you Morgan?” “Yes, why?” I ask questionably. “ I was told to give you this.” He hands me yet another little slip of paper and tells me that I am getting closer but I still have two more destinations to visit. The slip of paper said:

Getting a brain freeze isn’t

Fun, but neither is being

Near the sun
I wasn’t quite sure what to think until I saw a flyer blow away on the street. I start to chase it and get it about five minutes later. Little did I know that this slip of paper would help me find my friends. This time after I read the slip of paper, I figured it out right away:

As you read this, we will

Sitting under a tree at

The top of a hill. This

Hill I know you are familiar

“There is only one hill that I know of and that’s Zimblar hill over by the church over there.” We hurriedly get to the car and race over to the hill. The only thing left to do is get to the top of the hill and get my friends back. We get to the top of the hill to find Holli and Aber tied to the only tree on the whole entire hill. We untie them and they tell me the last message from their kidnapper. “he said that the next time you stay home alone, you won’t get off this easy.”

The author's comments:
This piece was written for my writing class

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