Sunshine. - Parts 1-5

October 18, 2009
<u>Part 1</u>
- <b>Buzz.</b> I twitch. <b>Buzz.</b> It nags. <b>Buzz.</b> I slap it off of the night stand. Now it's quiet. "Stupid alarm clock." I sigh.. "Finally morning." Relief sweeps through me. <i>But why?</i> I sit up slowly as the aches taunt me. I'm alone. <i>Am I suppose to be alone?</i> Rubbing my eyes, something rough touches my face. My hands. A strange bandage hugs my left, while the palm of my right is scrapped, red, and swollen.
- <i>What happened?</i> I wonder.. Then, as if played back on film, the previous day's events flash before my eyes. The car accident, the fight, the guilt.. And it all started with a soft kiss on my head yesterday morning.

<u>Part 2</u>
- My eyes flutter open. "Good morning sunshine." His voice, the blazing sun, and I'm the lucky ice cream cone. I blush. He grins. Smooth, chestnut hair, coppered skin, gleaming whites, and blinking seafoam crystals all gazing down at me. <i>I wonder if he knows he's perfect..</i>
- "Get up Sleepy Head. I made breakfast," he says as he skips back to the kitchen. This makes me giggle. <i>My God, he's amazing..</i> I roll out of bed and follow him down the hall. The cold wood on my feet and cinnamon in my nose both familar.
- I step into the kitchen to find him standing beside a fully set table, two plates in hand. I gasp. "Aww Eythan.. This looks great. You didn't have to do this." He simply gives me this look like he does this all the time. I walk over and take my plate from his hand. "You're the best," I say, leaning in to kiss him. Our faces close, his breath brushing my cheek, and that's when the phone rings..

<u>Part 3</u>
- I pull away startled, but manage a small smile at Eythan as the look in his eyes let me know it's okay. The phone buzzes again in annoyance. I glance at it beeping on the counter, then back at Eythan. "I think they can wait. If it's really that important, then they'll call back." He nods in agreement as the room goes quiet again. I sit down at the table. Just me and him.
- I take a deep breath and smirk playfully at Eythan. A quick chuckle his only reply. I grab my fork and head straight for my steaming roll of icing, dough, and cinnamon. But with the first bite hanging teasingly on my tongue, the phone rings again. I look at Eythan. He shrugs. I set my plate down and rise from my seat. My footsteps' muffled thumps beat on the sandy wood floor. One more ring. I pick up the receiver. "Hello?"
- "Hello?" I ask again. The line is silent. Then blankly, a man's voice says, "We're coming."

<u>Part 4</u>
- I can feel the blood drain from my face as the line disconnects. Leaving nothing but the dial tone purring and the words echoing in my head. I stand frozen, paralyzed, the phone still glued to my ear. I shake my head to clear it. <i>This isn't happening.</i> And slowly set down the receiver. "What did they say?" Eythan asks, concern thick in his voice. I turn to face him. "They said.." I gulp. "We're coming."
- His face suddenly turns chalk white. He stands up quickly from the table. "We need to leave <i>now.</i>" His voice is urgent and demanding, but not fearful in the way I expected. "Eythan, what is going on?"
- I stare straight at him, but he looks down at the floor. Refusing to make eye contact with me. <i>He knows something..</i> "I know you're hiding something.. What aren't you telling me?" My gaze burning a hole in the middle of his face. He looks up and sighs. "I'm not who you think I am.."

<u>Part 5</u>
- My heart stops dead in its tracks. Holding my breath, I prepare for the worse. <i>Oh My God! He's a freakin' murderer!</i> Alarm written in bold letters paints my face. He reads my mind. "No, I'm not some serial killer or whatever other crazy thing your imagination manages to cook up. I'm Eythan. The one you've always know, and the one you fell in love with. That I didn't lie about.."
- I'm confused, but then the words sink in. "You lied to me?" I plee, tears blurring my vision. His eyes look hurt. "I should rephrase. I would never lie to you and I never have. I just didn't tell you everything." I'm scared out of my mind, but swallow back a sob and wait for him to explain.
- "I was ten years old when I found out that my parents had been killed in a hit-and-run. No witnesses and no evidence to clam the car or driver. Soon after, I was sent to a special center for orphaned children. Only it wasn't an adoption center, it was a human testing facility.."

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