Why Claire Left

October 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Why Claire left was a mystery to everyone, until one day we found out it was not her choice. It was a full moon the night she was abducted. The misty beam from the moon was like a spotlight for Claire's stage that night. Her abducter lurked behind dark shadows, her only audience member. He came from behind her with a razored switch blade held to her neck. God only knows the horror and fear racing through her mind. The malice in his voice broke the peace of night. He took her to an open field where no one would be able to hear. No moonlight hit the tall grass, the only illumination was from the startled fire flies flickering in the black obis. She screamed and fought, begged and struggled. It was not enough. He took her innocence as she lay limp and lifeless in dispair. He got up and walked off leaving her alone. She could hear the brushing of cattails and meadow grass fade as he left her. Just as she thought she could crawl away, she saw his dark shadow glide towards her. he was going to finish the job. We found Claire a week later when a deer hunter discovered her corpse decaying in a feild just two miles from her house.

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