Isabellas Shadow

October 15, 2009
Click Clock. Click clock Julie’s heels were talking.

“These heels are killing me,” mumbled Julie.

Glancing at her new glittery Gucci watch she counted the minutes. There were exactly six minutes until her interview was scheduled to start. Click clock click clock. The building was covered in a mint green walls and lots of red cranberry window decorations. I hope I’m not causing too much attention these people that seem so serious and busy she thought to herself. Walking past the stairs she hurried to the elevator. There was no way she was going to take the stairs and make it on time, but it would be great cardio. Maybe I should have worn my black dress instead of this pencil skirt Julie thought as she flipped her shiny blonde hair out of the way. If only dad would have just given me his debit card but no, he told me to be more responsible and apply for a job. So, here I am now mumbling and confused. “Thanks Dad” she whispered out loud.

Julie’s fingers were shaking; her lips were starting to quiver; she was nervous.
“Come on, almost there,” she murmured again. Her foot took one long leap and she landed in the elevator. Julie’s soft hazel eyes met her glittery watch again; there was exactly four minutes until the interview.

“Okay, breathe. You’re in the elevator now,” Julie told herself.

Glancing around, she found herself gazing at the man in the corner. They stood awkwardly across each other and you could hear the emptiness in the air. The elevator walls were a depressive faded gray color that made Julie feel unwelcomed. I’m sure it’s nothing she assured herself. The man had a dark blue trench coat and he was holding a suitcase in one hand and a small white bag in the other. His smooth black eyes faintly gazed back and forth trying not to make direct contact with Julie’s. He looks like a Lionel Julie thought. Pretending to be calm she stood up straight and pressed the button to get off at floor six. After a few breaths she seemed to have calmed down.

ZZZZZZZZZZ The lights sang and started flickering.

“What’s going on?” Julie asked the middle aged man.

Standing in the opposite corner, he looked at her and said “I’m sure it’s just a small technical problem, miss.”

“I sure hope so,” Julie answered.

One minute exactly until my interview, there is no way that I am going to make it. Daddy is going to think I did this on purpose and then I will never go on the cruise with Bobby this summer. There goes my summer.

BANGGGG The elevator steel screeched.

“AHHHHHHHH!” screamed Julie.

“Calm down miss, you are startling me,” said the gentleman.

“Sorry, it’s just that I am scared.” Julie responded.

The gentlemen offered her a confused grin and then the lights went out completely.

Complete darkness now filled every direction. Julie’s heart was beating faster and her eyes could not find a speck of light. In the darkness Julie felt her body slide against the wall and ended up on the floor. A few seconds after in the dead silence she heard the man make his way to the floor too. They were not going anywhere for a while


“So, you work here?” Julie asked finally.

“I guess you could say that” he told her, She could not see him but she could sense him smirking.

“That’s nice, I guess. I am here for an interview.”

“Really? I thought that you worked here. ”

“Nope, this is my first real interview actually. I am excited but also kinda nervous. I don’t know if I will even get the chance to have it today though.”

“You do not have to be nervous I am sure you will do fine, if you get to do it today.”

“I do know, I’ve never had this type of experience before so, It’s hard to know what to expect.” Julie told him.

I really hate small talk. It’s awkward but polite; I guess. I’m stuck with him either way.

“You just have to be yourself and show your good qualities.” he said trying to be encouraging.

Listening to the man Julie took out her cell-phone trying to see if she could get a signal. Waving in front of her face, her soft arms opened the cell phone creating a small reflection on her young beautiful face. Julie tired to dial a number but her phone kept informing her that there was no signal and then it turned off; erasing her hope.

“Julie, your eyes are amazing, so pretty,” he said

Hmm… Did I introduce myself to him?

“How do you know?” Julie asked a little confused.

“I noticed them when you entered the elevator, and just now when you opened your phone. Hazel, aren’t they?” he asked.

“Yes, my mom has hazel eyes. I guess that’s where I got them,” Julie responded blushing.

“I hope I didn’t make you feel awkward it’s just that they really caught my attention just now,” he said.

“No it’s fine, thanks,” Julie said still feeling embarrassed and awkward.

“You’re welcome. Hey, are you hungry by any chance? I have two Nutria-Grain bars, I can share.” The man continued.

“Now that I think about it, I am, I have been so busy today that I forgot to eat.” Julie replied with a sweet laugh.

“Here,” he said looking for her arm in the dark.

“Hmm…” Julie heard the man say as his fingers touched hers.

Julie felt her body shiver; she removed the wrapper from the bar. She was hoping it was low fat but there was no way to tell. She took a bite.

“Yummy, this smells so good, what flavor is it? Almond? ”

“Yes” she heard him say.

Then something inside her clicked.

“So, what do you actually do here?” Julie asked.

“Well, I’m an older guy, as you can tell so, I can’t do much.”

My head hurts. I wish I just would have stayed home and lied to my dad; made up some lame excuse. This guys is seems like a psycho. I shouldn’t say that, that’s being mean. I’m not mean. Am I?

“Julie, I think you should know the truth,” the man told her in a much more serious voice then before.

Okay. This is getting weird. What is he gonna tell me? Do I wanna know?

“I have been watching you for a while,” He said.

“Remember October 2, exactly two months ago when you were walking out of the Sunrise Café, I was by the door. You did not notice me but I sure noticed you. Your sparkly hazel eyes looked burned out from the weekend party. You had your hair up in a bun, and you had those long metallic earrings that kept getting caught in your scarf. I figured that is why you did not say anything; you were too busy concentrated on yourself, that-”

“What you are saying?” Julie’s voice cut him off in response.

“That was the first day I saw you, that day at the café . Isabella you looked at me and that was it I knew it would be you,” he continued ignoring her comment.

Forget being mean this guy is definitely psycho.

“And then October 5. When you were meeting your friend Lejla by the library. You told her about your summer plans with Bobby? I was there too. You were wearing an orange paisley sweater with jean shorts. You looked rested this time and full of life.” He said.

Ohh my god, What is going on? I want to leave. I have to escape. My head is throbbing more intensely now, I can’t think straight. His voice is so LOUD.

“Can you turn your voice down?” Julie mumbled.

“Sure. Julie, you only have a few minutes left, you might want to enjoy them.” He told her in a soft voice.

“Why me?” she asked with tears streaming down her cheeks now.

This can’t b e happening. Not to me.

“You remind me of Isabella, your hazel, eyes they sparkle, like hers did. And your soft curls so blonde; so Isabella like.” He said with a soft smooth voice.

“But I am not Isabella, I’m Julie. Who are you talking about?” she asked

“See you are to me, she left me; broke my heart. That dread day I was ready to propose to her and then when I was about to pull the ring out and she told me: ‘I have been cheating on you, I do not love you.’ And with that she left me.”

Julie’s face was a pale white now and her eyes could barely stay open. Her head was unbearably throbbing and her soft curls were starting to frizz losing their natural shine.

“I am sorry but I am not her, I don’t even know you, I did no harm to you.” Julie tried to convince him.

“Don’t you understand? You are not leaving, it’s too late. Finally Isabella will pay,”he said.

“Isabella… ”Julie said with a whimper.

My life is over. Mom, dad, Bobby everyone I know, everyone I care about will never know how I died. I’m not gonna have a future, nothing to look forward to. What am I suppose to be now, Happy ?Because I know I am gonna die. Angry? Because I didn’t have a choice. Mad? Excited? Ahhhh….

“Isabella, my sweet Bella, rest your head down. I’ll take care of you now. There is nothing to worry about anymore.”

Julie’s head felt massively heavy on her shoulders, she began to see blurry flickering; the lights were coming back on. The slightest sign of hope in Julie’s eyes was showing but her heavy throbbing head and her pale whimpering body could not take any charge. Julie sighed lightly, closing her soft fragile hazel eyes.

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