To The Left of the Tree

October 15, 2009
By Anonymous

I see a shadow lurking around the willow tree. It is a mysterious object that looks like it could pounce on any thing it sees. I think it is staring and growling at me. Jack, my best friend, asked me what it was. I had no clue but answered, “I think it’s a big dog.” now it started to stare at the both of us. We ran like the wind. I was so scared I did not even feel my feet hit the ground. Our houses were about a block away. I heard the thing give a high pitched scream that would have made me cry if I was not so scared. All the screech did was make my adrenalin pump even faster. It felt like forever before we got to my house but it was only like 2 minutes. We closed and locked all the doors in the whole house. We finally were all done and just watched out the front window to see if followed us. “What is that?” Jack exclaimed.
“What are you talking about?” I replied.
“Your back is bleeding!” Jack said while getting ready to treat the wound. I asked my self why I didn’t feel the bite when it happened.
“That’s one deep scratch.” Jack said.
“What was that thing?” I said while in pain.
“I bet 100 to one that was not a big dog.” Jack said trying to make me laugh but I was still in shock. After Jack fixed me up we watched the news to see if their was like a mountain loin on the loose, but all we say was a doctor that said
“I gave a long jumper a shot to help him enhance his jumping distance and running speed. I kept him that night to see any allergic reaction. I checked on him every 5 minutes, but between 3:00 A.M and 3:05 A.M he disappeared but the window was busted.” “
I think that was the long jumper” Jack said.
“Lets go to the police station and report it.” I replied. We went to the police station to file the report but when we got their and the place was trashed. The front window was broken and nobody inside. We scouted the place to see if any body was their. I herd crying in the supply room. I opened the door and their was a 10 year old girl.
“Why are you crying?” I asked
“I was down here looking for the zombie.” she said.
“What are you talking about?” I replied
“My dad is a doctor and gave a long jumper a shot that turned him into a zombie.” she said.
“Let’s go up front and meet my friend Jack.” I said.
“Oh, by the way my name is Annabel” Annabel said.
“Nice to meet you my name is Jacob.” I replied in grace.
“Hey, Jack this is Annabel. I found her in the supply room crying. Her dad is the doctor who made the zombie that scratched me.” I said.
“I have one question” Jack replied, “How does the zombie thing spread?”
“The zombie infection spreads by the infected biting you.” Annabel replied.
“Do you know were your dad kept the antidote for the infection?” I questioned
“I think he would have kept it in his computer at work. In the hospital across the street.” Annabel said. We crossed the empty deserted street. We entered the hospital and their was a kid stuck in the glass elevator shaft.
“Turn on the power Jack.” I said. The power flickered for a moment then the screeching of the elevator started. When the elevator opened the kid came running out and hugged all three of us at the same time. After about five minutes of us feeling awkward. He said, “My name is jay. I am a 6th grader who came for an annual check up. I saw like 30 things that looked dead but alive. So instead of getting attacked I got in the elevator and hit power down to stop the elevator.”
“Well the zombies took no interest in you.” Jack said.
“Their’s his computer over their.” Annabel said.
“It has a lock code on it” Jack said
“Try Annabel a-n-n-a-b-e-l.” Annabel said.
“Were in. their it is.” Jack said, “We need a cup of water, a cup of milk and ground up maintain leaf.”
“My dad left a mountain leaf in his window sill. He works on the seventh floor lets go.” Annabel said.
“The instructions say to inject the antidote into a major limb.” Jack said. When we got done making the antidote we made a plan. 1) Annabel would ring a bell. 2) Jack and I would inject the antidote into the zombies. 3) Jay would tie them up until they became normal. We got down to the last horde (group of zombies) and then it all went wrong. OUCH!
“I got bit.” I said while injecting myself with the antidote. Wow that’s painful it feels like a piranha’s teeth with the power of a loin. We got down to the last zombie.
“Do you want to save your dad? Annabel.” Jay asked. After that everything was in slow motion. Annabel ran and you could see the tears running down her weary face. She fell but still got him in the leg. He returned to normal in seconds unlike the other people.
“Thank you sweetie; for saving me. I would have bitten you if I did not change back so quickly. After that we went home and no one outside of the town knew about the incident. We all got keys to the city for our bravery. Jay became a doctor; Annabel became a vet; and jack is in the military. I became a writer as you see.

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jakeO said...
on Jan. 2 2010 at 3:08 am
jakeO, Littleton, Colorado
0 articles 0 photos 1 comment
it took me like 3 week to finish this story it was so hard and the jack character was my best friend that died from cancer on 12/9/09 =(


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