Nadia is Dead

October 15, 2009
By , Denver, CO
That was an awesome party. I think to myself as I walk home in my green strapless dress. Of course accessorized with black heals, shawl, and clutch. As I’m walking in my cuteness I hear footsteps behind me. Then… my cell rings.

“Hey babe.” Omg, just my three year bf, Adam.
“Oh my god you totally scared me.”

“Oh I’m sorry. You ok?”
“I’m just walking home and it’s starting to creep me out I swear I just heard footsteps behind me.”
“Ok I’ll come and get you, but where are you exactly?”
“I’m on 4th between Addison and Garrison.”
“Alright I’m on my way.”
“Ok but stay on the phone until you…” I screamed when someone ran up and stabbed me I fell to the ground.
“Nadia is dead sorry…”

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