October 15, 2009
"Hey guys after Omar's party we can probably throw one too?!" said Carlos

"I don't think so" said Lupe

“I do" Lyly bell said

“Look if we throw one there going to say we tried to copy Omar" explained Lupe

“no they won't and plus it won't be that same day it could be on Saturday?" Debbye said looking at Lupe

"Yea Debbye is right I think we should shouldn't we guys?" Pedro gasped.

"Yeah!" exclaimed everyone.

"But wait shouldn't we ask what brayan, Edwin and Jose think" questioned Shirley

"Nope there too busy in the water, right ferine?" giggled victor

"I guess" Fernie replied

"Hey I think we should go now" Edwin said as he got he's towel

"Yeah so we can go and get ready" Jose agreed

"Alright then but aren't you guys going to eat first?" Lyly bell questioned

"No thanks I’m alright you should ask Bryan he was hungry" replied Jose.

"Hold up!" shouted back Bryan

"Hey so who is going to the party?" asked Ferine

“I guess everyone from school why?" questioned Shirley

"It's because I don't want to see Brenda" mumbled Ferine

"Hey if you want I’ll text her?" Debbye asked

“Ok" Ferine replied

"Hey hmmm r u qOinq 2 qO 2 Omar's party?" Debbye wrote

“O hey hmmm yea y? R u qOinq? Brenda replied

"Duhhh :)" Debbye texted

"O k.k den c u den:]" Brenda wrote

"l8r :))"Debbye posted

Ferine she is, sorry dude" Debbye said

"Oh ok then, I am it's alright no worries." Fernie mumbled
As we all walked back home we saw this unpopular kid from school walk in Omar's house which was weird because we usually only invite people that are popular from school to parties.

"Hey what up with that nerd?" Jose said in a low voice

"I don't know" answerd Edwin and shriley looking at the kid

"probably Omar just wanted to talk to him" suggusted Lylybell

"maybe" brayan said looking at debbye

So we got to the hotel and got ready to go and party. while Lupe was doing Shrileys hair the phone rang

"I'll get it lylybell said


"H-E-L-P M-E H-E-L-P M-E"


"come please"


"who called asked Brayan
" id on't know i couldn't understand"

"maybe it was Omar" Jose said

"call backEdwin said
"alright hold up lylybell exclaimed

"hey Omar?"
"yeah Oh hey did you call?"
"nope i just got home from the store"

"oh that's coool but yeah someone caled from your namuber"
"Oh it was probably Henry"
"maybe is he there?"
Nope i think he leaft"
Oh ok then hmmm yeah just checkin"
"oh it's alright"
"alright see you"
So we all where ready by the time Lylybell hanged up and we left. We all got there and started to chill and have a fun time. when brayan,Edwin,and jose saw the nerd from school he's name was Erick everyone looked at him. Every one looked at him and didn't even say a word untill Omar came out and presented him to everyone. So everyone was dancing and having a great time.

"hey i gotta go to the restroom" Shirley said

"i'll go with you" lupe said

"hold up ok i'll go with you alright" said Fernie
"alright hurry though!"

So everyone there was dancing having a great time and no one even remember that Shriley,Lupe,&Fernie weren't there no more.Intil Bryan asked

"Hey Where is the rest of the group?"
"well 3 of them went the restroom and Jose and Edwin went home i think yeah Oh no to another party"

"oh to that white chick’s party huh?"

"yeah something like that" Lylybell thought

It was like almost an hour since Fernie,Shriley, and Lupe left so I had decide to go and look for them.

“lylybell let’s go see why hasn’t shriley and came back yet?”
Debbye suggests

“Alright let’s go hey shouldn’t we tell brayan though?”
Lylybell asked.

“Yeah sure” Debbye reply

“Brayan come with us please” lylybell said

“where?” he asked

“to look for fernie and them” lylybell said

“alright then cool” bryan exclaimed
So as we went to look for them we saw that almost everyone had left and that Omar wasn’t there. As we went threw the hallway we saw some blood stains but really didn’t pplay too much attension because we figured that some got in a fight. But as we got to the door of the bathroom we saw that there was a puddle of blood. So we started knocking the door panaicly and started yelling if some one was there since no one answered Brayan threw the door. We didn’t know what to see or what to expatic but as Lylybell and me went in the bathroom slowly we saw them fernie on the bathtub laying there full of blood Shriley on the floor laying on top of lupe with scars and blood coming down of her hands.

“OH MY GOD!!!!” Lylybell screamed with tears coming down her eyes.

I didn’t know what to say I was just there in shock.

“Let’s get out of here Brayan shouted
“As we made ourself out door we saw that the people left in the party were dead with that we started to run even faster not knowing what to do or what to say. We went running back to the hotel and just stood there not knowing what to do.

“we should call cops” Debbye said
“yeah she is right”
“no!!!” screamed bryan
“why not what if the person who kiiled them is still there?"lylybell thought
"no i don't think so because he would have killed us! bryan said gaspping
"wait what if he follwed us?" debbye said
Just after i said that we heard a knock on the door. it was "boom after boom"
We didn't know what to do we just looked at each other.
"don't open" Lyllbell whispered
"yeah don't" Debbye said
"we have to" bryan said
"no we don't" hessed lylybell
"im opening ok" bryan said

As he went to open the door Lylybell and me were just there fritened.
"hey" said a black showdow coming in
"OMAR!" exicely said lylybell and hugged him
"oh thank God" said Omar
"Dude what happened why weren't you in the house?,Did you see what happened?" Bryan asked
"Yeah well i just got there and freaked out so i came over to see if you were ok?,No it's because i went to buy things i forgot" Omar explained
"Oh well anyways are you ok?" Debbye asked
"yeah hey where's Jose and Edwin?" Omar asked
"Oh they are at this other party" Lylybell answered
"Oh ok then" omar said
"Hey so who did all of that?" Debbye said
"have no idea" nodaed omar
"hey by the dude, hmmm why did you inviteErick that nerd?"
"Oh hmmm yeah i don't know?" mubbled Omar
"How don't you know it's your party" Bryan questioned
"Oh hmm anyways hey you wanna go back i mean of you want?" Omar asked

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