In The Darkness

October 15, 2009
By Benny43 BRONZE, Denver, Co 80203, Colorado
Benny43 BRONZE, Denver, Co 80203, Colorado
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He waits sitting alone in the dark ally thinking about his next prey. She walks, concentrating on staying up, and staying conscious. Then he attacks knocking her on her back and she can’t even talk to try and save her life, she is out cold, still alive but unconscious. Making his move he goes for the purse then leaves. There lays a girl far from sober, no wallet, I D or memory. It’s the perfect hit; there is no evidence or witnesses.

This is the life John Meriwether that is how he makes a living. Stealing from drunken people that walk out of the bar. He has been doing this for quite a long time. Before he started stealing, he lived a happy life with a great job and family. John had 3 kids and a beautiful wife, named Julie. He also had a great job; he was the C.E.O. of one of the worlds biggest shoe companies, Nike. Then he was fired from his job, so he went crazy, and then ran away. No one has seen him since. In the two years he has been stealing from people he has never been caught. HE has also never cared for his victims until the night of the forth of July. Holding a baseball bat in his hand and dressed in all black. John was hiding behind a dumpster in the ally way next to the bar, waiting on his next victim to stagger out of the bar. Almost tripping out of the bar door, a tall, slim, and blond haired woman walked towards the park next to the bar. John decided to follow her a little and play with her mind. So he followed into the dark park watching her every step. As they got closer to her house john started to remember the houses on the street. This is my old neighbor hood he said to his self. She started to go up to the door way of a house. Holy cow this is my old house, they must have sold it he thought to himself. John decided to hide in the bushes until it was late because he wanted to kill the person who bought his house. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a gun. It was now one o’clock in the morning and John was getting tired so he decided to go in. At first he broke open the window, which alerted the girl and made her scared. He then crept up the stairs with the gun in his hands. She turned the corner and Bam he shot her in the chest sending her flying back words. John turned her over to see the face of his victim.

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