Kasey and Shelby

October 2, 2009
By Kaygirl SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
Kaygirl SILVER, Jasper, Georgia
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Kasey woke with a start, another nightmare. She layed back down just in time to be woken up by her twin sister's alarm clock go off. Shelby woke up and pulled the covers off. Stifling a yawn, Kasey got up as well. Almost in sync, they brushed their teeth, got dressed, and ate breakfast. I'm doing my hair straight today Shelby said. Okay. When they arrived at school the day went as planned, school, homework, bed. When Kasey woke up the next morning she noticed her sister's alarm was still ringing, they had slept in as it was saturday. She tip-toed over to the clock and turned it off. She noticed Shelby wasn't moving. She gently uncovered her sister to find that Shelby had been decapitated, her sheets were soaked with blood. Kasey prayed it was a nightmare that when she opened her eyes Shelby would be snoring beside her and that everything would be okay. She opened her eyes and her sister's headless body was staring back at her. Kasey scarecly had time to breathe when she heard a giggle. She turned to see something go around the corner of the hall. She followed it. She stepped down each stair, avoiding the one that creaked. She was in the kitchen and she heard the giggle again. She followed it outside and turned the corner of the house to find... Shelby laughing hysterically. I really got you didn't I? Shelby! Oh my go- Oh my god. How are you okay? Kasey was crying and shaking. I went to the Halloween store last night and bought fake blood and a headless dummy. I didn't think it would scare you this much. I'm okay Kasey. Shelby said See? She grabbed Kasey's Hand and squeezed it. Kasey smiled and laughed, Gotcha! Huh? Shelby said My friend went to the halloween store and told me you were there. I saw you put the dummy there, I was just pretending to be scared... They both laughed, they started to roll on th ground when just behind them... a twig snapped and they didn't hear it. Neighbors saw birds fly out of the trees and called 911. Two bodies were found, leaning up against the house, with no heads. Written in blood above where their heads should be was one word.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by the scary story called Don't Turn On The Light. Creepy huh?

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