One Bullet

October 1, 2009
By RyanNewman BRONZE, Baytown, Texas
RyanNewman BRONZE, Baytown, Texas
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im not the type to die easily

It was a hard job being a detective I always saw a dead body. Plus i saw to much blood and it never easy when the person you were trying to find knows who you are and is trying to find you. At the crime scene you could only see splatters of blood and seeing the victim as a kid made it even harder to keep my mind on the case. This guy was good there was no evidince,no finger prints,no hair or DNA. I had to check the house it would be a obvious for there to be something in there but these situations always felt like a trap, and i couldn't say i was prepared. I had a .357 magnum a World WarII weapon used by the U.S Marines, but the only problem with this is i had only one bullet left and i forgot to bring ammunition. As i walked in i saw a tall shadow about six foot three i knew i couldnt get the shot so i held the gun steady."Iknow you have only one bullet and so do i." The killers voice said. the shadow stopped as he pulled his gun i shot his left leg. While he was down i ran over to him and used the end of my magnum to slowly beat him to death. Once again i have seen to much blood.

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