Night in the Attic

October 9, 2009
By Squiggy BRONZE, Oakley, California
Squiggy BRONZE, Oakley, California
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Looking up at the great house, I shuddered. This was the Halloween. THE HALLOWEEN. The Halloween I am to go into the mansion. Its a creepy, old rotting house on the corner of the road, just down the street from my house. I was far to old to trick or tread, and there were no have-to-be-at parties. So It was into the house, with my best friend, Kami.

"You ready?" She asked, holding out a shaking hand, handing me a flashlight. "Y-yeah... I guess." I mutter, looking at the blank, dark holes in the house, known as the windows. Kami Stepped toward the door and grasped the knob, I quickly followed. No one had been in the house for years, so it was assumed it was haunted. As all abandoned houses were considered.

She opened the door, and allowed me to be the first one to step through the dark doorway. The joy. I nervously stepped into the house, boards creaking under my feet. Kami followed me in and we looked at eachother. "Great. Here we are. Can we leave yet?" I asked. I had a really bad feeling about this place. Kami chuckled. "No. We said we were gonna find all the rooms in this house, so we are going to do just that. She clearly was more excited then scared.

I shined the flashlight onto the stairs. "How bout we go upstairs first?" I asked. My friend nodded. "Okay." She replied. We slowly walked up the stairs, making sure the rotting wood could hold our weight.

When we got to the top floor we heard a creepy shuffling noise. "Must be some rats." Kami said. "They're quite common in places like this." She turned to the right and I followed, not wanting to be alone. “Please, can we leave? I have a bad feeling...” I asked, really freaked out because the shuffling was getting closer. Kami turned to glare at me, light shining in my face. “No. You're just scared!” She said. “You just need...” She trailed of and was looking at something behind me with a horrid expression on her face.

“What the hell was that?” She asked. “That was no rat I've ever seen. It was far too big.” I turned around to look at what she was talking about. “Where?” I asked Kami. “Over there.” She said, flicking the flashlight towards a door opening. I looked at the door a moment and realized it was no longer hinged to the doorway. It had been torn off, and clawed at by... Something.

A glitter in the darkness of the other room caught my eye. Jumping, I snatched the flashlight Kami held, instead of taking the time to grab mine, and pointed it directly at the object. In the light stared back a creepy, disfigured human with no bottom half, jagged teeth and bloodshot yellow eyes. Its skin was as white as a piece of paper and had a few strands of short black hair sticking out of its head.

Kami and I screamed and darted to the door behind us. Though the door was clawed up, it was still hinged to the frame. I slammed the door shut. From behind the door we heard the shuffling get louder and stop at the door. The thing began to bang and claw at the door. It screeched with frustration as it seemed to give up and scuttle away.

I turned to Kami. “How the hell are we going to get out of here?” I asked, shaking. Kami shook her head. “I don't know, but you were right. We should have left earlier.”

I took out my flashlight and looked around the room. Not much was there. A desk, a chair, many pieces of paper scattering the floor, and a small trashcan in the corner. “Nothing much to use as defense.” I grumbled.

Sighing, Kami looked up at the ceiling. “Wait!” She said. “Look at that!” She pointed the flashlight at a small hole in the roof that lead to what seemed to be an attic. “We can wait up there till morning and climb out the window when its light. I don't think that thing liked the light too much it looked pissed when you had the flashlight shining on it.” I nodded. “You're right.” I agreed. “Lets just-”
A loud bang interrupted my sentence. The thing now seemed to have a hard object and was using it to try and break the door down. “Lets get up there, now!” I yelled grabbing the chair and placing it under the hole. I stood on the chair and climbed into the attic. “Its safe. Hurry up!” I called to Kami. She quickly followed.

No more than five minutes later the hinges on the door broke and the thing shuffled in. It began to sniff around the room, looking everywhere for us. It finally turned its cold yellow gaze to the attic and it screeched with rage.

“At least he cant get up here...” Kami whispered, sitting with her arms curled around her knees. It was true. The thing, not having legs, could not get to us no matter what. We were safe.

I must have fallen asleep sometime in the night because I awoke to sunlight shining through the small attic window. I turned to Kami, who was still asleep. “Wake up!” I said. “Its time to get out of this crazy house!”

Opening the attic window, I stepped out onto the roof. “Freedom!” I yelled into the morning air. I stepped aside to allow Kami to follow me. “Now, how to get down...” She muttered.

We walked the perimeter of the roof, searching all the sides. We guessed the last person to live in the house had accidentally left a ladder up because we found a rusted ladder propped against the wall, leaving rust stains on the chipping house paint.

Kami cautiously climbed down first. When she gave the all clear, I followed. When I was four steps from the bottom, the step I was standing on broke and sent me tumbling the rest of the way to the ground. “Are you okay?” Kami asked, concerned. I grinned. “Never better. We survived a creepy thing inside that house, so I think I'm just fine.”

The author's comments:
In the Halloween spirit. :D

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