Predator & Prey

October 7, 2009
Run. Run. Run.
Faster. Faster.
Get away. Get away.

Heart is pounding.
Blood is racing.

He's losing his lead.
Slowing down. Slowing down.
Stumbling. Tripping. Falling.
It's gaining on him.

Whatever it is.
He is frightened, terrified, petrified, scared, afraid.

It is hungry, starving, famished, wanting & needing /
The victim's flesh and blood, warm and fresh.

Then end is near.
The chase is almost over.

Delicious. Delectable.
The beast's mouth waters.
Sweet desire drives him
He is so close, oh so close

But fear seizes his prey first
And the victim goes down, hard & fast
Drops like a f***ing rock.
Literally was scared to death

Oh well
A meal is a meal .

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