the farm house painting

October 22, 2009
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a long time ago there was a girl named erica,she had a younger sister named day they were playing in the field and they saw a lady walking into the woods,they noticed that right before she entered the dark foggy woodsy area she stared at them with hatered.they think she was a witch,and she was the two girls went into there house,to see that there father had bought a beatifull new painting of a farm,with a blood red farm house and a ghost white gate.erica was out with her mother so father asked pamela to get some milk from the store.she left for the milk and was grabed by the witch!the father,sister,mother and police searched every where for her but she was never day coming home from searching they all sat at the table.but suddenly the father got up,his face pale as if he had seen a ghost.he walks towards the farm house pianting,and there in the farm house window was pamela,somehow it looked like she was part of the painting.she didnt move,she just stood there.but,every day she would be in a different place in the painting,as if she was living her life in it.she got older and older.untill one day she just disappeared...

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beachluver said...
Jun. 17, 2011 at 1:35 pm
ooohhh good story! u should continue it.
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