The Dare of 5th Avenue

September 14, 2009
By brysonm SILVER, McConnells, South Carolina
brysonm SILVER, McConnells, South Carolina
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Chapter 1

It was a cool November evening, 2007. Dan Lingerick walked home from school, pondering about all that had gone on that day. The homework, the girls, and the dare. He didn't want to think about it. Dares aren’t something he does, but how could he turn down a dare like this one? I mean $200 is a lot of cash, so how could he pass the opportunity up? Well, that’s just what he thought. But, one thing Dan Lingerick didn't know was that the $200 dollars he would get wasn't enough for the terror he would have to face.

Brimwood Jr. High, 12:05, recess.

"Yes, I understand why. But seriously is he stupid? It's Molly your talking bout' why would Jake date her?''
"Billy... it's simple guy logic, a girl likes a guy, girls not half bad, guy dates her. What’s not to get?"
"Still..." Billy Urn isn't a dummy or a so called smarty. He was a bit chubby and could never understand why any guy would date a girl that wasn't Paris Hilton. He just couldn’t comprehend relationships. As of being in the 8th grade you would have thought he would have had a girlfriend by now but, no, he had never had one, nor had he thought about ever having one (except Paris Hilton). Jake and Billy and Steven were all Dan's friends. They did most things together. Movies, hangouts, any normal guy thing.

Dan leaned against the tall oak tree that stood right at the back of the school recess area. There were a total of five trees all small and the rest of the area was inhabited by dirt, kids, and patches of dry grass. Dan scanned the playground, there were the jocks playing football, all the cheerleaders and wannabes were watching. The Goths and emo were under the shadiest tree, and the rest of us just where ever there was a spot left. On this particular day, Dan was feeling good and happy,(better then he did on most days).

"So," Billy started.” I’ve got a dare for the bravest person, any takers as to what it is?"

"Tell, do tell." said Jake.

"Okay, so there’s that house on 5th Avenue, anybody know it?"

"Yeah, I know the place" Dan said. "It's abandoned right?"

"Yep!" Billy replied with a grin. "And it haunted. So the bravest soul that stays the night in that house, all night I remind you, will get 200 smakaroonies from me."

"Okay, I'll do it." Dan offered.

"Wow, so brave and so young," Jake smirked.

"What’s the big deal it's just an old house."

"Yes,” started Billy. "but its like, responsible for over five deaths."

"So, what does that have to do with the house?” Dan said.” You have got to be kidding me, you guys think the house is a killer?” he laughed at this.

"Well dhhu!" Billy spat. "The house will eat you up and spit you out"

Jake said out of nowhere” I like cheese" and then he said "Shampoo is great, but conditioner is better, stop looking at me swan!!"

"Great!” Dan said. "He must have forgotten his medication."

"No I just felt that the moment needed some spice! I got the line from some movie"

"Spice?” Dan asked sarcastically.

"Actually, the house IS haunted, and it may kill you, and it may not... you have insurance right?'' Billy
questioned Dan.

"Of course I do, my parents aren’t idiots."

"Good then it's set. Tomorrow we will see you to the house and watch you walk in, then leave."

"Okay, sounds good."

The bell rang for fifth period.

"See ya!" Billy said as he ran off.

"Bye.” Said Dan and Jake. Then they all went to class.


Dan looked and scanned the memory, trying to forget or remember that he dreamed it. But reality is reality, he didn't dream it and he now had to face his hidden fear of the house on 5th Avenue.

As soon as Dan got home he did his homework and crawled in bed.

"Goodnight." his mother said softly.
"Night." he replied. He lay for several hours before falling asleep. As he was sleeping he dreamt about the house.

He was in a room sitting on a chair, the room was dark. He reached in his backpack and pulled out a book, the title of the book was "Walking in the Dark", which seemed to be a horror story. He read the book for several hours until he was startled by a load screech. He searched the house for the noise he heard. He couldn't find it the source of the noise. He went back to the room to get his flashlight from his book bag, when he did he flipped the switch and light filtered through the room. He turned to leave when he was startled by a shadowy creature, he turned the other way, but he was blocked by another shadowy creature. He found an open door and he quickly dashed through it and the door slammed behind him, but he found himself falling down a dark hole. He hit the ground and the dark got even darker than to a bright gold light...

He woke up with a fright and sat up in his bed for a couple hours and finally fell back asleep. He continued his terrifying dream. He sat up and felt around for his flashlight when he grabbed a huge hairy spider and ran into a wall. He finally found his flashlight and turned it on, he saw a cave like area and went in the nearest tunnel. As he followed the path through the tunnel he wondered if he was just having a dream. Suddenly another loud screech made him wimp and cover his ears in pain. All he could here was a faint ring in his ears, he tried to speak but couldn’t hear himself. Then the cave started to shake and rocks fell from the top of the cavern.

Dan covered his head, but even his hands could not stop the large bolder from crushing his entire body. He sat up in bed panting and sweating.

Oh, it was just a dream. He thought. Then fell into a deep sleep.

The author's comments:
Me and my friend Kiko wrote this. It is not the whole story but if you like it I will continue putting the rest on to here! We also hope to get this published as a book! Would you buy it?

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