La Virus

September 12, 2009
By ccdasuan BRONZE, Antioch, Tennessee
ccdasuan BRONZE, Antioch, Tennessee
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Another day at the Galaxy coroporation, and the worst and might be the last mistake but no one knows. It all started last December when one of the Galaxy members, Mike Driggs, went on a undercover mission to the bermuda triangle, to see what was making things disappear. He went on a ship and when he got there he saw a jet fly by and then something incredible happened. He saw a large shark, about six twenty story buildings all together, jumped out and swallowed the jet whole as if it was an ant. Mike went back and told Carlos that there was a big shark that was probably from the Jurasic Period, was still alive. He also told him that there was a tree on a small island in the middle of the ocean where the shark was. Carlos said that the shark probably survived cause the roots of the tree gave a ink or something that let anything around it live longer or probably forever.

Carlos took a group of about fifty police, on several ships, and were going to try to take the tree. They left at night and were going to get it when the shark was asleep. He was on a helicopter and it had a metalic hand that was going to get it quietly untill the police on the one of the ships started to have a fight, which must have woken the shark. The shark madly jumped out of the water about one thousand feet higher than the helicopter. Carlos was about to get the tree but the shark came down and made a big splash so Carlos couldn't see. Carlos grabbed anything but he just grabbed a fruit.

But then the shark rammed one of the ships and broke it in half. The crew swam to one of the other ships but one of the crew swam too slow and got eaten. Carlos said to all ships to go back to headquarters. The ships were trying to get away when the shark unexpectedly jumped and hit the helicopter. They were going down. Everyone on the helicopter jumped out and headed to the ships. When they got back to the building, everyone went home, except Carlos.

He took the fruit and he cut it in half and found some seeds. He planted them and then he examined the rest of the fruit which was a blue and pinkish color. He called his old cat, because he had it since he was ten. He gave the cat one half and then his cat got up and jumped up as if he was still a kitten.
He got up and then went home with the cat.When he woke up, he found a kitten on his bed sleeping. He got up and got dressed and took the kitten to his lab in the headquarter. He also saw the plant and it was one foot and a half tall. He told everyone about what he did and what happened.

A year has past and now he made the cure to about almost every cure there is on the world. There is only one side effect, that if they stopped taking it they were goig to die. The cure was a light blue color. Phllip was walking down the hall to the cafeteria, and then saw the cure on the table and thought that it was a drink someone left. He got it and then drank it. At night, everyone left and then Carlos was going to get the cure except it was empty. He checked the cameras and saw phillip drink it. He drove to Phillip's house and when he got there he was on the floor not breathing.Carlos thought he must have drank to much and called the hospital that someone died.

A week later at his funeral, he just sat up with some dark red eyes and then bite the closest person to him. Jerry and Taylor got thier silenced pistols out and started shooting at phillip's chest but it didn't do anything. He was about to bite Carlos when someone shot Phillip at the back of his head with an arrow. Carlos looked around to see who fired and saw a young lady about in her twenties with the bow and arrow. He was dress in a bright red dress and then started running to her black car.

Someone must have called the police because they came and buried phillip right there and the guy who got bitten wouldn't stop bleeding. He told him to go with him and then he did. Carlos wanted to find or make a another cure which turned into a virus. He took a fruit from the tree he planted and gave him one-fourth but his eyes were turning red and asked if he had anything to eat and then reached out to bite Carlos but he got of the way and ran out into the hallway. Someone passing saw him get out of the room so he looked but the monster grabbed him and bit him. Carlos called security and they came runnig and saw the same monster that was at the funeral so they started shooting but one got bitten. Then the person who was on the floor got up and bit the security on the leg. So the security shot him in the head, then Carlos said to use the emergency shut down on hallway number thirteen. Everyone got out except the monsters. Jerry gave Carlos a gun, so he told Jerry to follow the guy who was bitten and shot him when his eyes turned red. The security wasn't in sight because they couldn't find him anymore.

When Jerry found him he was eating someone and saw Jerry and thenhe started shooting but the monster got closer and then was shot on the leg to not walk. Then the monster bit him on his leg and locked that room. He changed pants to not be noticed that he was bitten. He went home and then Carlos called that the virus escaped and he was surrounded by zombies.

The author's comments:
The Resident Evil movies really inspired me

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