Burning Blood: (Chapter 1- The Question)

September 28, 2009
I walked the flight of stairs up to room C23. There were some complaints from across the hall and next door. The man at the front desk of the Manchester Inn told me that the complaints were about hearing people fighting inside the room. Mrs. Birchwood, the next door neighbor said that she came out from her room and knocked on the door. She didn't get any response from anyone inside the room she said. Then she tried opening the door, but it was locked. For me as a detective to think about it, the neighbor said she heard at lease two men arguing, I just think the fight started over a game of poker. The man's friend had of cheated him on a hand, and took all that was left of his on the table. The one thing i can't figure out is that everyone at this hotel said no one from that room came out ever since the complaint. You would figure that the man would kick his friend out. Yeah, he has a couple bruises on his face, but he would have gone home soon or later. People say the noises stopped but nothing came out. That's why i'm here, to see whats happening here. The man at the front desk told me that theres no way in, he tried the door but he thinks that they may have slid a chair underneath the knob from the other side. So the access key wont work on the door. I took the elevator up to the third floor, and counted my way down the hall. I met up with room C23 and took a glare at it. I decided to open this door my way, so i stood from the side of the door where i then kicked at the door knob and busted it off. Only leaving the door knob from the other side. Then i carefully stood dead straight on with the door and took a step back. Taking all the force in my left foot, and pushing it forward towards the door. My foot made contact with door then after that i smashed the hell out of it, and opening it up. When i firsted enter through the open doorway, the first thing that came to me was the smell. It was so rancid, like the smell of rotten meat covered in garbage. I then started to get use to the smell, and i then found out that the man from the front desk was right. This door was locked with a chair underneather the door knob, but now its just shattered pieces of wood. I started to roam around the room looking for some ideas that can show what went on in the room. I strolled around the room some more, and then i found something, a trail of blood. This may lead to something, so i followed it to the next part of the room. Th trail got longer and wider, and that's becasue when i got to the end of the trail, there lying on the ground was a body beheaded. Thsi had lead me to think that there was a fight in this room, and someone won. I took out my cell and send in the report. 10 minutes later, and theres a ton of cops and csi crew snooping around the murder scene. I stood a view feet away from the body thinking to myself, and i then saw that all of the windows in the room were shut. It was the stranges thing. First i thought maybe he didnt want it to look like someone else did it, but i thought again, and who in the hell can cut their own head off and drag their own body across the room. So we must be dealing with some stupid murderer. Then strangely when i approached to one of the windows, i can see that it was locked. So i then went around to all of the other windows and they were locked as well. Things started to get weird. There is no way this killer could escape and lock the window from the outside after shutting it. So my next solution was that this person is somewhere in this hotel still. We had send out a S.W.A.T. search team to raid through rooms through out the whole hotel.Then as for the investigator's, we stayed in the room looking for more clues. Then out of nowhere, one of our female investigator's were checking the master bedroom any sort of clue, like hair, skin, blood, and even seman. She was fixing the blanket on the bed, and then her hand ran across a bump from underneath the covers. She grabbed one end of the blanket and pulled with a force, and finding the victim's missing head laying underneath. The woman called the rest of us into the room. I walked through the open doorway, while the others stayed behind me. I was sickened from the view. Maggots crawled in and out of the nostils, and entering through the wound of it's neck. I tried to hold my breath as i got closer to examine the head, and just from looking at it up closer i could thell that there is something strange about this head. first i didnt know what it was until i saw that the victim's mouth was opened up. So i slid on some rubber gloves, and i reached my index finger in the mouth and lifted the upper lip. What i was looking at just made my eyes pop, the victim had two of it's top teeth had sharp like fangs. Like a vampire. Thsi all got confusing to me. so, my question is, what is going on here?

To Be Continued.

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ami<3 said...
Oct. 14, 2009 at 8:56 pm
ooooooooo i really like it!!!!!!!!! please keep writing!!! :]]]
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