The Little Shed in the Woods Prologue and Chapter 1

September 26, 2009
By Terra BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
Terra BRONZE, Warsaw, Indiana
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The wind howled through the trees. It was a crisp Autumn night, and the moon was out. It hung in the air as if suspended by invisible wires, and it cast an eerie glow through the woods. The soft crunch of dead leaves being stepped on broke the silence as a stranger stealthily slipped through the woods. Suddenly, the stranger stopped. An old wood shed lay ahead. Yes, this was the place. The stranger knew it well. The stranger walked into the shed, and was surprised to see a woman with short brown hair. She was snooping.
“Oh,um, hello,” the lady stammered, afraid, “I didn’t think anyone would be here.” The stranger stared at her. She tried to see the face of the stranger, but a hood cast a shadow over it obscuring her view.
“I mean, I heard a noise out here and I came to investigate. I didn’t really expect to find someone here.” The person didn’t move, just stood there. Oh was she scared. She shouldn’t of come out here tonight! “Well, I see you must be busy! I’ll just go.” Nervously she turned to go but then in a swift movement the stranger slammed the door of the wood shed, locking them in together. Seconds later the scream of a woman shattered the silence in the woods. But was heard by no one, except the night creatures.
Chapter 1
“Hey Joe!” A man in a golfing outfit was on the phone. “ Do you want to go golfing with me?-Oh come on! It’s good for you! It’s a nice day today to! - Ok. - Ok, good! Meet you there!” He hung up. “Honey! I’ll be back in a bit. I’m going golfing with Joe.”
“Sam! Is that all you want to do on a nice day like this?” His wife called back from the living room. “ Do you want to do something together instead?” Sam walked into the living room to see his beautiful wife folding clothes on the couch. She had straight brown shoulder length hair and beautiful hazel eyes.
“ We can do something together tonight. I’ll come home after we’re done golfing and I’ll take you out to eat at a fancy restaurant. Anyways, I haven’t seen Joe in a long time. Ever since I retired from the police station, we haven’t done much.”
“ Ok, you bribed me. Get going! And tell Sharon I said hi!” She said as she hit him with a shirt. “ Poor Sharon, I don’t know how she can put up with Joe.”
“ And I don’t know how you can put up with me!” Sam laughed as he leaned over to kiss her. “Bye! See you soon!” He stood up and then walked over to the closet to get his golf clubs. He was in his sixties and his black hair was turning gray. He was a really great officer back then and he was sad to retire, but he needed it!
“ Bye then Sam! And don’t be late!”
“Don’t worry I won’t! I promise! Love you!”
“Great hit Sam! Right by the hole! Sam’s friend, Joe, exclaimed. Joe was a very large man, especially around the middle.
“Thanks. Now it’s your turn.” Sam said as he leaned on his club.
“Ok, I’ll give it a try. I just hate this hole because it’s on the other side of a sand trap. Not to mention that it’s hole number 13!”
“You and your superstitions! I swear, you’ve got to stop reading those weird books!”
“You never know…Anyways, here goes nothing’!” Joe picked up his golf club and concentrated.
“You going to take all day Joe? I’m getting old over here!” Sam joked.
“Like you could get any older! I have to do this anyway so I can make a good shot!” Then he swung hard. It went far away from the hole, then landed on a bump, and rolled even farther away in the sand trap. “Darn it! See what you made me do? You messed me up! And what is with people these days? Never doing their jobs right! It wouldn’t of been so far away if there wasn’t a bump in the sand! Isn’t that what the rake is for?”
“Calm down Joe, now, let’s not blame it on everyone.” Sam said.
Jo grinned, “I know. We should do something I’m good at.”
“And what is that?”
“Watching NASCAR races on TV.”
“I should of guessed.” Sam chuckled. “Lets continue.” He walked towards his ball when he saw Jeff drive by in his golf cart. Jeff was always here. He loved to golf.
“Hey!” Sam called and Jeff waved back. Sam reached his ball and shot it right into the hole. “Your turn Joe! Have fun trying to hit that out of there!”
“Just watch me!” Joe said and he hit his ball hard, but missed. Instead there was a sickening thud as his golf club struck another large lump in the sand. They both looked at each other, then Sam walked over to were Joe was standing stalk still.
“What’s the matter Joe? What was that?” Sam looked down and then understood why Joe was acting strange. A human foot stuck out of the sand, uncovered by Joe when he hit it. “Oh my gosh!” Sam uncovered the rest and stood in shock.
Joe looked at him, his face white. “It’s a body Sam! What do we do?”

The author's comments:
This is the prologue and chapter one of my murder story....I don't really like the name...Tell me what you think. Should I post the rest?

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