September 21, 2009
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Most cities have their heroes, doing what they do best to make sure it stays safe and protected. However not every city is like that. In this city there isn’t such a thing as a hero, because a hero is just a villain in a uniform.

Walking down the lamp lit streets walked seventeen year old Dinah Benz. She stood out in the dark, her white complexion and blue eyes not allowing her to blend in with the dark as her jet black hair and clothes did. She walked quietly and not directly in the light, she didn’t want too much attention to be drawn to her. After all she was a seventeen year old girl, and there were a lot of crazy people out there. Especially in a city such as this one.

She walked pass Keith’s. A notorious bar housing the types of people she’d most definitely want to stay away from at the moment. She always was cautious when walking by. Even in the day time she stayed across the street and kept walking not stopping for anything. She was not far from home, but anything could happen. When she was a block away from the bar she knew someone was following her. She could feel it. She kept walking, pretending as if no one was there however. No point in risking a confrontation. She looked alertly around as she walked but no one seemed to be out tonight. If things did get out of hand she had no one she could run too. But she never did, she had been taking care of herself for as long as she could remember.

She usually took a short cut up a fire escape down a close by alleyway. She hoped he wouldn’t follow her from there. As she was not far from the alley she saw a car go by. In the car seemed to be a couple from what she could tell. Or maybe friends, who knew. But they just glanced at her. Probably thought she was a prostitute working the corner. It would seem like that, since no young girl hangs around the streets at this time of night. But Dinah was no normal young girl.

She soon made it into the alleyway. She gave out a sigh of relief. As she came to the end of the alleyway there beside the fire escape was a large dump bin. She started towards dump bin but she knew he was there too. Would he follow her up the fire escape? She wasn’t too sure, and was sure she’d find out. She knew if anything she was pretty much trapped. She would have to confront whomever it was trailing behind her. She looked lost, alone, and confused and he lurked in the shadows she knew it. It took him a moment but she was right he emerged as she her hand on the bin as if to start climbing it.

He was around six foot and wearing a police uniform. She couldn’t see his face to well it was dark. He walked towards her, a blank expression on his face. He was an officer she should be safe. She knew better.

“Lost?” He asked. She didn’t return a word. She didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay you don’t have to be afraid, I’m Lieutenant Geff Kramer, and I’m here to help.” She remained silent.

“Its past curfew, maybe you should come with me and I can help you out.” He said reaching out his hand to her.

“’Who ever said I was the one who needed help?” With that she withdrew a small hand gun and pointed it at the Lieutenants head.

“Bang” She said pulling down on the trigger. With that the bullet as quiet as possible shot out hitting Geff Kramer directly in the head. He collapsed to the ground, blood trickling down his forehead. And with that Dinah put the gun away a satisfied look upon her face. And she climbed the dump bin and scurried up the fire escape.

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