The Opressed

June 7, 2009
By Aja Medina BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
Aja Medina BRONZE, El Paso, Texas
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Dan's ribs ached as the boots of his attacker stopped using them as a soccer ball. A crowd surrounded both him and the group that sent him crashing to the floor only four minutes ago. He stayed down cradling his chest. The predators hovered over him ready to finish the job.

"Who is it this time?" Miriam rushed up.

"Dan Salas," one girl whispered next to her.

Miriam had been there for only a week and already that name Dan Salas was imprinted in her brain. His name was written in big bold ink in her notebook. Her interest weren't in the romantic way, but the annoying reporter one from her school paper. The massive swarms of students were chattering as Miriam tried to make out the opponents. The blue tipped silk hair only belonged to the 6 foot 4 from her homeroom, Tim Halvers. Tim was also imprinted in her mind for hitting on her the first ten seconds of class and having the teacher scold them both. Miriam got chills remembering the moment. Since Tim was there, then so were Sean Key and Rich Warren. Tim being ring leader gave their group the style. Each one had their hair a bit long with a dye at ends of it. Sean claimed red while Rich controlled green. Sean held Tim's backpack while Rich dumped out Dan’s items out to the floor. Dan lay on the tiles curled up defensively. Miriam scanned the crowd, no sign of teachers anywhere.

Tim crouched down near Dan, chuckling. There wouldn't be teachers. Miriam remembered. There was a teacher and staff meeting over in the next building. She edged throughout the crowd as Tim stood up again, looking at his group. Miriam trembled now as there was a crackling echo in the hall. If Rich was there, then his banshee lover was too. Hanna Gordon stood to the side in her tight jeans with a loose top, laughing into lockers. Miriam moved forward ignoring her as best she could. Tim began popping his knuckles. Miriam moved faster only to see Tim crash land at her feet. Rich was next to fight as his leader groaned. More grunts were coming from him than the other guy he was fighting. He sank to the floor in a few seconds. Sean lunged next and flew back as a foot slammed his face. Miriam had only seen cheerleaders and martial artists kick that high.

Sean’s back connected to the floor with his enemy’s fist right behind him. Hanna shrieked as her man's nose became red. Miriam heard Sean’s head snap against the floor. Chris Chavez fist recoiled, but stayed midair as Sean’s head lay to the side. Miriam gulped. Chris stared up at her. Of all the rumors that ran through her head, only one defined this moment. His eyes stayed on her angry and intense. Death warning. He's a killer... were the first words that had been uttered about him when she first came and her student guide told her all the rumors of the school. He glanced over his shoulder to where Dan was. Chris' twin brother, Charlie, hunched by Dan’s body as Leada Crows checked him over.

Tim's gang wasn't the only one around here. They're four of them and in Chris' gang, six. She saw only Leada and the twins. Miriam shook her head. Hanna didn't count because Leada would have fought where Hanna would have stood by cowering: like how she was now. Miriam looked to Dan as Leada mumbled to Charlie.

"He has a few bruised ribs for a few days and a black eye." Miriam saw it too as Leada continued, "His bloody lip doesn't look too bad. Nothing broken as far as I can tell."

The twin nodded grimly. Miriam felt cold suddenly as someone pushed past her. The fourth member of the group arrived, glancing down at the other party. The fourth member, a freshman, shorter then the twins had scooped up Dan’s things, putting them in his backpack. He was the youngest of the group and the smartest. Hiking boots stood next to the freshman’s hand as he piled everything in. The next member stood frowning at the site. The smartest now stood, holding Dan's bag on his right shoulder. The hiking boots belonged to Kaleb who looked at Hanna who inched away. He moved toward Dan helping him up and became his support. Carefully with Dan's ribs, he wrapped an arm around for another support. Leada walked with them as the remaining member gazed down at Tim, Sean, and Rich.

"You ever come near Dan again, I'll kill you myself." Chris warned as his brother began walking off.

The freshman waited for the twins as the threat echoed into the minds of everyone in the hallway. Tim and his gang didn't move even after they left. Miriam watched as the six stalked away with their injured member. Mutters started as the rumor was whispered around. Chris has his next kill. Tim had better stay clear. Another kill. He's a murderer. Miriam pulled out her notebook and wrote down everything she saw, leaving nothing out.

The author's comments:
This piece isn't finished, but it is getting there. I want to know if I should continue writing this story and try to have it published.

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gogirl said...
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you should complete ur story!!

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